Why Education and Industry Partnerships Are Essential to Student Employment Outcomes

The changes to VET in late 2017 and the changes to student loan funding across both VET and Higher Education have put a big focus on student employment outcomes in Australia. As we move forward, this focus is becoming even more prominent – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

Let’s face it, the reason most people enter tertiary education is to get the skills that will get them the jobs they’re looking for in their chosen careers.

The best way to achieve employment outcomes for students is to ensure that they are well skilled in exactly what employers are looking for. To know what that is, you need to talk to employers.

At JobGetter, we talk to employers all the time. Here’s a shortlist of the top trends that we’re seeing.

What Employers Want From Your Students

1. Employers want students who have a strong set of “soft” skills. While these differ depending on the industry, the most in-demand soft skills include communication, critical thinking, self management, time management, resilience, presentation skills and the like.

2. Technical and digital literacy is absolutely paramount. At a minimum, and nearly regardless of the industry, employers expect that candidates are literate in things like email, internet research and Microsoft Word. In most industries, there is also an expectation that students can confidently use Excel and Powerpoint.

3. Students who have had experience working in course-related employment are preferred to those who haven’t – demonstrating the importance of work placement, work integrated learning and internship positions to employment outcomes.

4. Students who have held part time jobs while studying, regardless of the industry, are preferred over those who haven’t. Employers identify that students who have worked have developed in-demand criteria like customer services skills, adaptability, dependability, resilience, communication and interpersonal skills.

At JobGetter, we analyse skill demand – across 58 different industry clusters – every day. We actually measure what employers are looking for specifically. We know which jobs are growing in demand – and which are shrinking. That information is used by Educators to develop job-relevant curriculum and impart the skills that are most relevant to student employment outcomes for their students.

And that information is available to you.

If you’d like an industry report detailing the skills that employers are demanding in the industries you train students for, we can help.  

Our industry reports include the trends that are affecting jobs as well as current demand across all states in Australia. You’ll see the soft skills in demand across multiple industry roles and the top jobs in demand in each industry. 

You can get our industry reports here. Use the EOFY promo code SUJN18 to get 50% off your report. 

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