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What do we need to talk about to ensure people remain employed in the jobs of the future?

Thought Leaders, Influencers, Game Changers and those with an interest in the future of the workforce are invited to join this data-driven forum and take a collaborative, action-oriented approach to discuss the strength and security of the future workforce.


For the jobs of the future, identifying – and filling – skills gaps for workers, while improving workforce adaptability and transferability of skills across sectors, is paramount to ensure that we equip today’s generation with the skills needed for tomorrow. Knowing what skills are in demand, both now and in the future, is key to ensuring that people are continuously employed and that our economy can continue to prosper.

Each year, JobGetter hosts The Jobs Agenda.  in 2016 we looked at the issues around unemployment and the growth of underemployment and what that means long term.

In 2017, the theme was “From Education to Employment” that generated incredible conversations about how the Higher Ed, VET, Secondary and even Primary education sectors needed to think about the future of work, and how to prepare students for it.

In 2018, we’ll once again look at a myriad of issues, including those above, but will add to the conversation how we need to deal with the growing issues of mental health and inclusion, including diversity and disability, in these discussion.

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We invite you to be part of what will be an interesting and lively discussion about how we address the needs of all people in what is a changing work environment including how we ensure that we are adequately preparing them, through education, for the jobs available both now and in the future.

We look forward to hearing your views as a part of this interactive session, discussion – and the change.

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