What do we need to talk about to ensure people remain employed in the jobs of the future?

Robotics, AI, automation, machine learning and the future of work – these seem to be the topics on everyone’s lips. At JobGetter, we see the changes happening every day.  Jobs that were once popular are all but disappearing and new jobs with new names are springing up at an increasingly rapid pace. As leaders in the areas of workforce data and analytics, we measure the trends around work on a daily basis – and in real time – to give Government, Education, Industry and the community the information they need to know to ensure that we keep Australians in work. Want to know more about the Future of Work and jobs of the future – just ask!

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Wednesday, 16th May, Sydney ICC – 3.40pm

The skills that will be required for the jobs of the future differ enormously from those that we have traditionally needed. Our school systems are set up to teach our kids in subjects that may not prepare them adequately for the world that they will be growing into. How can we change the way that they are taught? How can we even be sure that the skills we foresee now will be the right ones in 15 years time? Hear our expert panel discuss the future of jobs, what will they look like, and how must we adapt our education systems, and ourselves today, to prepare for the future.

Join JobGetter Director, Fiona Anson, as she hosts a panel session with UTS Vice Chancellor Attila Brungs, The Foundation for Young Australians’ Jan Owen, Jobs for NSW’s Fiona Rose, COO of Telstra, Robyn Denham, Jordan Duffy of Buckham and Duffy Consultants.

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Friday, 25th May, University of Technology, Sydney – 5pm

What are the jobs of the future?  What does the future of work look like? JobGetter’s Fiona Anson joins a panel of experts at UTS to talk about the changes we’re facing in the world of work.  

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