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What makes Millennials tick?

There’s a lot of discussion around Millennials at the moment. The largest demographic wave to hit the workforce in decades, Millennials have been labelled as entitled, lazy and wrapped in cotton wool.

But is this really true? How do they really think? When it comes to work, what do they want – and how do the like to work?

JobGetter has just completed Australia’s largest survey into Millennials and work. It’s called The Millennial Index.

We’ve discovered a lot about how they think, what they want and what their true motivations are. We’ve also found out they that fall into three distinct groups – and how, if you’re employing them, you really need to understand each one so that you can get the best from them.

If Millennials falls into the group of people you want to hire, this report is a must read. You’ll find out how what motivates them, how to attract them, and what to do to keep them.

Download your free copy of The Millennial Index.

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