Leaders in real-time workforce data and analytics

JobGetter, Leaders in Real-Time Workforce Data and Analytics

Drawing on publicly available job postings daily and data from our own interconnected job marketplace, JobGetter analyzes workforce supply and demand across 220,000 individual data points that include role titles, skills (both hard and soft), qualifications, languages, experience, educational institutions, locations, salaries, work types, industries, job classifications and more.

Workers around the world face a job market that is vastly different from the one that existed a generation ago — and it’s evolving at an increasingly rapid rate. JobGetter empowers people to navigate these changes through unprecedented data and insight into job demand and skill supply. 

We put the human touch on data

Unlike others who simply group and analyse data, JobGetter’s analytics are human-centric. Because of our understanding of employers and job seekers, and our other research into both of these groups, JobGetter looks at the data to tell us stories, not just report on trends.

Adding to the public data we have is the independent research projects JobGetter does on a regular basis into both sides of the workforce market. For example, JobGetter conducts the largest Australian survey into job seekers – what they need and want and how things like education affects their job-getting chances.  We conduct similar regular research with employers, looking for the true stories behind who they look to employ and why, and with industry, education and communities.

As well, having access to the data from JobGetter’s own huge network of job sites means that we not only know what employers are asking for, but we know what they hire on. 

Our platforms analyze common trends among candidates who are shortlisted versus those who are not.  This gives us invaluable to data around the true attributes that employers want, for each individual position or for positions or job categories as a whole and even by each individual company, rather than just what they publish in often templated job ads.

Jobs, Skills and Industry Demand and Supply - and anything in between.

JobGetter leads the way in workforce data and analytics

Some of JobGetter’s Research Reports and Contributions (click on image to download)

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From Education to Employment White Paper

JobGetter | From Education to Employment White Paper

JobGetter | From Education to Employment White Paper

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