A Look at the Real Recruiting Trends for 2019

What are the real recruiting trends for 2019?

As another year begins, we see predictions abound about what to expect in the coming twelve months.

Rather than surmising, at JobGetter, we speak with employers daily. Here’s what they think 2019 will hold when it comes to new ways to find the best people.

The Buzz Around AI

Despite lots of talk about AI being used in recruitment, there is still very little evidence that it’s being used in any significant way. HR professionals are still sceptical that AI can replace HI (Human Intelligence) when it comes to evaluate the best candidates other than comparing if they have relevant skills and experience. When it comes to personality, soft skills and culture fit, most HR professionals still believe that that can only be ascertained with personal interactions, at this stage anyway.

Most are sitting in wait to see what effect AI will have on recruitment and, in particular, predictive hiring.

Employer Branding Becomes More Important Than Ever

One thing many HR professionals agree on is the rising importance of using strong employer branding in attracting the best talent.

If the number of employers booking Discovery sessions with the JobGetter team is any indication, employers are looking for increasingly novel ways to put their best brand foot forward. In short, they want to know how to position themselves from a job seeker’s perspective.

While in the past it was good enough to stand on a brand name, most HR professionals now realise that a name is no longer the big attraction that it once was. Job seekers are looking beyond that to what the company really stands for.

Add to that, job seekers’ knowledge of sites like Glassdoor that allows them to peek behind the curtain into the real culture of a company, there’s no wonder that an outstanding EVP is now just not a wish but a necessity.

Increasing Importance of Talent Analytics 

It’s fair to say that HR has been a bit slower than other business units to take up the use of analytics in recruitment and sourcing. In 2019, this is no longer the case. While marketing and sales have long integrated “what you can measure you can manage” thinking in their teams, HR has a slower to embrace this concept. That is changing.

Savvy HR people are now looking at analytics to see where the best people come from and using those to devise strategies to get more of them.

An Increasing Focus on Soft Skills Over Qualifications

In 2018 this was a hot topic of discussion in the abundant Future of Work forums that seemed to be running everywhere, every week. The real recruiting trends for 2019 show us that this conversation isn’t going away.

With most companies setting a clear focus on innovation and change, more HR professionals are looking for those who aren’t necessarily blinded by “the way it’s always been done” experience. Instead, they’re looking for those who can demonstrate strong critical thinking and problem solving skills combined with an acute business acumen.

What we all realise now is that your qualification doesn’t define this. That’s why there is much less importance being placed on what qualification you achieved but rather what skills you developed as a result.

Of course, the exception to this is in those professions where a qualification is a pre-requisite and proof of the knowledge and hard skills development required e.g. engineering, architecture, medicine, etc.

Leading the charge on this thinking are large corporates such as accounting and advisory firms and banks. Where once an accounting, commence or economics degree was a pre-requisite, these organisations are taking those from faculties like arts and design, science, IT, and building.

Increased Focus on Candidate Experience

HR is finally coming to the realisation the candidate experience is important. While it has been topic of discussion over the last few years, we’re now seeing the implementation of processes to deliver a better candidate – and applicant – experience.

A Hugely Increased Focus On Hiring Diversity

We’re all getting more socially conscious, and that’s a great thing. The rise of the #metoo movement; increased publicity – and pressure – around diversity on boards, the C-suite and in the workplace; and a wish to become more inclusionary has seen many HR professionals focus on diversity in hiring.

JobGetter’s new feature, the ability to flag a position as diversity-friendly, disability friendly and/or youth friendly is not only a world first but has also opened the floodgates for opportunities that can be directly promoted to various segments of the workforce. It’s also garnered a ton of publicity and uptake by employers.

Diversity will be one of the topics that lingers on everyone’s lips in 2019 as we continue to have a more inclusive focus on hiring.

Career Progression Focus

With the largest part of the workforce now being savvy millennials and a rapidly increasing need for continuous up-skilling of workers due to the rate of change we’re seeing, HR professionals are under more pressure to be able to provide insight into career progression to both attract and keep workers.

We’re not seeing it happen in great numbers yet, but we’re predicting that, in the next year or so, we’ll be seeing more and more organisations have formalised internal learning and up-skilling programmes and divisions to keep their teams moving forward – and will use the existence of these are part of their attraction strategies.

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