Optimising Your Jobs for Today’s Mobile Job Seeker

There’s no doubt that jobseekers are adapting mobile like never before —  77% of jobseekers use some kind of mobile app or site to search and apply for jobs. This includes the top quality candidates.

Employers who want to capture the top tier candidates need to ensure their application process is mobile friendly, and here’s exactly how. Below are 5 check-lists to ensure you have a mobile ready experience to capture candidates!

1. Enable 1-click apply

Today’s jobseekers are brainwashed by the idea doing things with a click of a button. The best talent don’t have time to read and fill out tedious forms. Simplify your application process and allow jobseekers to apply on any device.

Narrow lengthy and complicated application forms down that JobSeekers can easily complete without having to sit in front of a computer. Or, at least allow them to register interest with 1-click and remind them to come back to their application.

2. Keep your job title short, sweet and simple.

A good rule of thumb is:

[Job title] at [Company], [Location]

E.g. Driven Sales Expert at JobGetter, Sydney CBD.

This lets candidate know exactly what the role is, with which company and at what location. A succinct and clear job title is all it takes to reel the candidate in.

3. Keep your job description brief and straight to the point

Don’t include your company’s startup to date story — cut straight the point i.e. the job! Candidates want to know the role requires them to do, and what would make them a perfect fit.

If they think they’re right for the job and decide to apply, chances are they will google your company before doing so anyway.

4. Make the application process as easy as possible

Candidates don’t want to go through 10’s of pages just to get to the apply button. Don’t make them fill out 3 pages of form before they can proceed to upload their resume.

If your application process does need to be a tad long, ensure that you’re providing them the ability to save and come to it later — remember, you wan’t to make it as easy as possible!

5. Give users a great mobile experience

Build your mobile candidate experience around touch. Keep your career site simple and clean with less emphasis on text and more focus on images or videos. Allow candidates to be able to swipe between jobs or easily navigate through the site pages and functionality.

I hope this helps! Drop down below any other mobile ready tips you may have. And, check out this article on ‘Why many employers aren’t mobile and what is needed to get started’.

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