These Hawaiians Know How to Use Instagram for Recruitment Marketing

Maybe it’s just my obsession with all things Hawaiian right now – because my upcoming Maui nuptials have had me zeroed in on the Aloha State for months — but Hawaiians certainly know how to use Instagram for recruitment marketing!

From envy-inducing photos of work spaces to visually-dynamic graphic designs promoting job opportunities — not to mention the videos! — I am seriously impressed. From interviews with team members, to leaders and business owners in their element, talking about their craft, their job, their learnings, their startup stories and career paths, their challenges – both personally and professionally.  It’s incredible how they open up their working world and invite the outside world in. You often feel like they’re talking directly to you. Part of their success seems to be how their whole team embraces that sharing what they do with the world is part of the job description.

The number of Hawaiian businesses that I’ve come across managing to achieve an incredible level of authenticity is incredible.  When so many who attempt to create employer branding content fail to, there’s got to be something in that Aloha spirit. Perhaps because they don’t take half-measures or have a corporate affairs team to clip their wings. In fact, many of them are small businesses who don’t have the usual trappings a big corporate may have but they also don’t have dedicated resources just to focus on their EVP and employer branding. Something you’ll notice about all of my examples below is that none of the accounts are dedicated just to jobs, HR or recruitment. The recruitment marketing posts are shared on the business’ primary Instagram account because it’s a part of the whole. It’s not something to be separated off to the side. They’re speaking to their followers from a single, cohesive account seamlessly blending in EVP and recruitment marketing messages.

Now, Hawaii is unique. Perhaps being located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and limited by a small population and therefore talent pool, means Hawaiian employers have to work harder to recruit talented staff. Leveraging social media means an easier, more natural strategy for them to adopt than others who don’t have the same challenges. They also have the obvious advantage of living in paradise so it’s not hard to find Instagram-worthy vistas to snap and share with the world. Despite these idiosyncrasies, I strongly believe every business, big or small, anywhere in the world can strengthen their recruitment strategies by following their example.

Recruitment marketing, although it’s been a top HR trend for years now, still baffles a lot of people. When we talk to clients, there’s still a heavy level of hesitancy. What do you share? What kind of content works best? What if it doesn’t work? How do I prove the ROI? How do I make time for it?

The best way to learn – and lead – is by example. So, in that spirit, I’ve shared some of my favourite Instagram accounts of people and businesses who provide excellent examples to be inspired by below. Seriously, look at these companies and watch their recruitment marketing in action and you’ll be hard pressed not to want to quit and move to there tomorrow. Better still, get your marketing team to start following them. In my experience, once you convince marketing to get behind you, you’re 75% of the way there. 

The Mill House Maui 


Send your resume to and let’s get cookin!

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MeiLi Autumn Beauty


Taylor was one of those star makeup artist just waiting to be discovered. She could do her own makeup like a Kardashian and the photos she posted of her self-work was stunning. It showed natural talent for sure- But in my opinion it doesn’t make you a makeup artist until you are able to do someone else’s makeup and transform their look. And be able to do it on any skin tone, every age, and every type of skin. But I could see her potential and most importantly she was so wonderful to be around. So I brought her on as an assistant. Taylor soaked up every chance to train with me and assist me. She practiced on her own time and sent me photos to critique. She lived and breathed her art. Her passion to learn more inspired me to better myself as an artist too and try new color pallets. My days working with Taylor were so energizing and easy. She was a born natural. Within 6 months she passed the MAB criteria to start doing her own clients and within a year she was doing brides. Her progress was phenomenal. She is a true artist who even on her days off will get her hands into something creative. Check out her work @tgf_makeup. We are truly blessed to have this beauty on our team. (And how stunning is she, even though the day we shot this she was struggling with morning sickness with baby #2!) Love you Tay. . . #pono #dowhatsright #makeupartist #mauimakeupartist #followyourpassion #makeupcalling #mabsquad #alohaeveryday @stephanboekerfilms

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Kona Brewing Company



I hope these examples help inform your own recruitment marketing strategies. If you’d like help brainstorming how to apply some of the concepts above to your business, book a free Recruitment Marketing Strategy Session now

Your turn…

Do you have any favorite Instagram accounts that do an excellent job of recruitment marketing? Please share! 


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