How JobGetter Helped Source a Team of Christmas Helpers in Less Than 12 Hours

Christmas Staff, Found Fast

Staffing for Christmas can be a real headache, especially if it’s last minute.  Just ask Louise Curtis, CEO of chocolate bouquet company Lollypotz. Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for Louise and her team and she’s very well organized for it – until, just last week, a huge order came through from out of the blue. Needing to staff up fast, Louise contacted JobGetter on Saturday asking if there was any way we could find her a team of chocolate wrappers who could work 9-to-5 from Wednesday through until Saturday night. Typically, urgent roles like these are a nightmare to fill, but it’s precisely where JobGetter shines thanks to our sophisticated matching algorithms and ability to instantly connect JobSeekers with relevant jobs.  Not only did JobGetter immediately notify candidates actively looking for work near Louise’s Alexandria warehouse in Sydney, but candidates who had the right skills and were available the days and times Louise needed them. Within 15 minutes of posting the position, the first applicants appeared and, in less than 12 hours, Louise had the extra people she needed ready to start Wednesday morning — and it was all done through the JobGetter messaging system. Not one phone call!!  Thrilled with the results, Louise sent us the lovely message above. If you need help sourcing staff in the run up to this year’s silly season, take advantage of JobGetter’s Starter Plan with unlimited FREE job ads available until 31 December — POST NOW.  And if you’re struggling to find the right applicants, let us know so we can help! Oh, and if you’re in the market for a great Christmas gift, we can vouch for Lollypotz Chocolate Bouquets.  They’re yummy!! 🙂 Feel free to email us if you need help with your Christmas Staffing!

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