How To Target A Specific Demographic When Posting A Job

Ever had a job that you thought would make a perfect one for a working mum?  Or a working Dad?  Or a mature aged worker or student? Some jobs are perfectly suited to certain demographics – but targeting them, especially on job boards, is really hard to do. A few weeks ago we got a job posted for a School Crossing Supervisor.  When we saw it we thought it would make a great job for a mum or a retiree looking to fill in a few hours a day.  These people are perfect for the job – experienced, skilled with children and happy to have a chat while they’re ensuring everyone is safe.  But how do you target that person on a job board where you need to post jobs by industry or role? On JobGetter, you can now target exactly the demographic you need for those jobs that cross over multiple industries or skill sets. We’ve introduced networks for Working Mums, Working Dads, Mature Aged Workers, Backpackers and Students so now, if you have a job that suits any of those, simply post it to that network!  Of course, you can still post it to industries if you like, but the groups will allow you to cross industries and post to exactly who you need. The Group networks appear with the industry groups in your posting screen.  Just highlight the ones you want to include when you post your job. If you’ve got any suggestions for others, let us know via email or comment below!

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