How Building A Job Network Can Reduce Your Recruitment Advertising Costs to Zero

How effective are job ads really? We spend hundreds of dollars advertising for positions and get inundated with a pile of irrelevant candidates, and then we spend hours going through them. How much money and time are you actually spending to fill the role? For what it’s worth, I think the costs of job ads are far too expensive — not to mention it’s ineffectiveness. It’s time we sort a more efficient and rewarding ways to source the best candidates — and here’s how building a Job Network is just the answer!

Often, what we’re looking for is right infront of us – so look for the simple solution

There’s a high chance that the perfect candidate that you’re after knows someone else you know – whether this be a colleague, family, friend or friend of a friend. All it takes is a simple post to your social networks to find out if anyone is looking for a job. But in this technical day and age, it’s almost like everything you post on the internet is quickly buried by other content before your potential candidates can even see it (which may be why we resort to job ads) – wouldn’t it be great if you could post to a social platform that is all about jobs and laser target your audience? And, that’s what JobGetter is for! Of, course you can still post the traditional business offers, events, blogs, video and what not, but in addition to all that, your candidates (who may also be your customers) can express their interest in working for you and get notified specifically about your job opportunities that match them! Studies also found that you can dramatically cut down your time to hire by leveraging your own network rather than casting the net out wide – win, win!

Save your money from stinkin’ job ads and build your employer brand!

Imagine the day where you don’t need to pay $60 to place a single job ad and finding the perfect hire is as simple as writing a 140 character tweet and watching those who are following your #hashtag like and retweet it – sound surreal? Well, yeah – we aren’t quite there yet but we’re pretty close! With JobGetter, you can build your own Job Network and post anything (job, new store opening, poll, you name it!) directly to this network anywhere, any time. And then those in your Job Network who match your job post could get notified of your job within seconds after you hit “Post” and respond with their application just minutes after. Instant matches – just like tinder!

It pays itself off in the long run

Building a large and engaged job network is not an overnight task – it takes time, patience, nurturing and a lot of TLC – but you’ll be pleased to know that it does pay off in the long run! Imagine you owned a retail store. If you posted a job for $60 and got 50 applications and hired just one then rejected the rest, you would have lost contact with 49 potential candidates. If you had a Job Network, you would still have 50 people in your job network. If you then post an offer up to these 50 people in your Job Network about a special deal in store and only 3 of the 50 people in your Job Network took you up on that offer, and spent $20 each, you would already have made up your job post cost! Sound silly? Think again. 60% of candidates that express interest to working for a company are also a loyal customer – you wouldn’t treat your customers poorly, so why would you to your candidates?   We often forget that candidates are human too. It can take a lot for a human being (a candidate) to express interest in being part of another community of super humans (your team). Care for this group of people like you do for your customers and existing employees by building a job network for them to engage with you!

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