Hire Staff Who Want Your Job, Not Just Any Job

There’s nothing worse than having to compromise on the quality of your new hire.  Unfortunately, many employers do just that because they react to a recruitment need – especially in peak periods like Christmas where you have to staff up really quickly.

Ideally, we all want to find someone who wants our job, not just any job.  Not only are they better all-round employees because they want to be there, but they’re also more effective.  Take sales roles for example. It’s easier to sell when you believe in what you’re selling – so there’s a direct impact on your bottom line as a business when you hire the people who are passionate about your company.

The quick video above shows how you can do just that by building your own personal Talent Community.  Whether you’re looking for book lovers, coffee lovers or even dog lovers, JobGetter can help you easily recruit your own army of active JobSeekers 24 x 7 instead of simply reacting to your recruitment needs.  So, every time you need to hire, you have talent on tap!

JobGetter clients like Dymocks and Max Brenner hire within days – sometimes hours! – through their own JobGetter Talent Communities.  Especially if you’re going into battle this Christmas, having your own army reserve of brand fans at the ready means you’ll hit the ground running.

If you would like to activate your Trial Talent Community (it’s free with no obligation), we can get you started in less than 10 minutes!  Contact our support team at support@workible.com.au for more information…

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