10 of the Most Effective Candidate Engagement Content Ideas

Employee engagement starts with candidate engagement. And, this is where the war for talent really begins. More than anything else, optimising your candidate experience is identified as a top recruiting trend today and this includes having a strong strategy filled with effective candidate engagement content ideas. 

With hiring volumes increasing, roles turning over faster and competition to find the best candidates becoming downright fierce, it’s all about doubling down on the strategies that are the most effective and efficient. Where candidate experience and candidate engagement has been considered a “nice to have” in the past, it’s become an absolute must for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Firstly, candidates have long memories. If their experience with your company as a workforce newbie left a bad taste in their mouth, you’re eroding your talent pipeline. Plain and simple. That Christmas casual, entry-level or even temp applicant you dismissed yesterday, could very well become the Retail Manager, Business Development Manager or UX Designer you’re struggling to hire tomorrow. 

Secondly, how candidates feel about your brand often determines whether they have an interest in working for you or not. Given that, engagement has become a far more critical differentiator for companies wanting to attract and hire top talent.

Recruitment has become a marketing exercise. Those that understand this and harness the power of an engaged candidate network will have their pick of the best talent available every time they hire.

The first step to effective candidate engagement is building an engaged talent community or, as we like to call it at JobGetter, a Job Network. A community is active, with the people in it choosing to engage with you. Once you’ve started this community the next step is to keep it engaged and thriving with relevant, timely and consistent content. So, we’ve pulled together our top 10 candidate engagement content ideas to help get your strategy started. 

Content is KING

Inviting your aspiring employees to get to know you better by sharing your company culture in regular Job Network posts is an effective, time-efficient way to build a profile, attract candidates and convey your unique employee value proposition (EVP). But make the cardinal mistake of not posting consistently enough or posting thinly-disguised sales pitches and you can actually be doing more harm than good.

Start with a good foundation with a clear plan, strategy and theme; then create content that doesn’t centre on selling but rather showing candidates why they should want to work with you.

Aim to create at least 1-3 new posts each week. Make it easy each month by scheduling your posts for the next few weeks all at once.

In JobGetter’s 2016 National Job Seeker Survey, respondents told us that if they are interested in working for a particular company, the top 3 things they want to receive from that company are:

  1. Exclusive information about when/ where you’re hiring next.
  2. General information about the company and what you like/ stand for.
  3. Videos of the HR team and what you look for in candidates.

Once you’ve worked these three messages into your content mix, round out the rest of your story with a few of the following candidate engagement ideas…

JobGetter’s Top 10 Candidate Engagement Content Ideas

Candidate success story

When you make a great new hire, ask for permission to turn it into a post. Use the post to demonstrate how candidates can follow in their footsteps and what you look for in applicants.

Go behind the scenes

Give candidates a photo or video tour of your office, workshop, studio, customer service desk or the backroom of your store. People love to get insight into the “inner sanctum” to feel like they have some extra connection to your business so give them the ‘“I can picture myself there” or ‘“I would love to work there” opportunity.

Staff profiles

Give a human face to your company and brand by introducing your current employees. Have them talk about why they like working for you, their take on the company culture and a little bit about what their role entails.

Tell the story of your origins

Everybody loves to read about how companies and people got their start. By sharing these stories of dreams, challenges and successes, it makes your company and people more relatable and therefore inspiring. Include the things not in the typical company history or profile which can often be non-descript and dry. If you read it and your eyes glaze over halfway through, you need to dig deeper. 

Share a video or podcast

Use your smartphone to record a quick video interview or voice recording with an employee, a customer or the CEO or just give a few of your own useful tips. Better yet, create a list with a top 10 list of tips, advice, experiences or opinions from 10 different individuals. You can slice and dice the different interviews into a multitude of podcasts (or videos, or written content!) Check out this video JobGetter’s Recruitment Marketing Team produced for Chatime to get some inspiration…

Display a sense of humour

Everyone loves businesses who can laugh at themselves when something goes wrong at the office. Consider giving a “how-to” post a funny spin (or turn it into a “how not to”).

Team member “Shout Out’s”

This is an opportunity to credit team members who may have contributed to a new product, service, or development and tell an interesting story. It not only makes your existing employees feel appreciated but also demonstrates to interested job seekers that you value your staff.

Talk about trends

You convey authority when you tell how things are evolving in your industry. If you’re looking for candidates to show interest in your world, share pieces of it with them. Educate them. Share your unique expertise and market knowledge and give your aspiring employees a chance to learn from you. 

Share your vision

If you’re different from competitors because of your philosophy, talk about it. People want to know what makes your organisation tick, what makes it different, what are your social values, your vision, your quirks — give your organisation a personality.

Share your customer feedback

If you use customer comment cards or do customer surveys, turn some highlights into a post especially if you took some criticism and made a change as a result. Honesty and authenticity go a long way with today’s consumers and since your candidates are most likely also your customers, they’ll respect your openness. Plus, people love feeling like they’re being heard!

Wrap Up

These content ideas are our top picks for candidate engagement to get you started but they are only the tip of the iceberg. We’ve got a lot more up our sleeves. So, if you’d like to know more you can download JobGetter’s free resource, “35 Ideas for Your Candidate Engagement Content Strategy” here.

Or, alternatively, if you’re not sure how to get started and need help strategising your candidate engagement plan click here to organize a complimentary call with our Recruitment Marketing Team.


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