5 Personality Types You Must Have On Your Team

Understanding the different ways that particular personality types function, and how you can use their potential, is key to having a successful team.

While many of us have said things like “I’d love to have ten Johns” (John being our best employee), the truth is that we all need a variety of people to make a team work well.

Variety, they say, is the spice of life – and it’s the same for a team.  While you might like your friends to be similar kinds of people, it’s things like different backgrounds, personalities and ideas that really create value in a work environment.

While ten Johns sounds like a great idea in terms of getting things done, the truth is that, if everybody thinks alike, you’ll never get those great new ideas. What one person misses, another will see, so having a variety of people means you potentially have a wider range of opportunities.  

While you need people with a cohesive vision, you still need people who will challenge the status quo.  

Here’s our checklist of the top five people you need on any work team.

The Leader

This person is (and loves being) responsible for seeing a project from start to finish.  They should be able to demonstrate strategic plans to their team.

A leader is able to inspire without cracking the whip.  They are a connector and are able to develop and nurture long-standing relationships and to help grow the business. The leader should also be able to step in and take care of personal issues or bad behaviour of individuals before they impact on their co-workers.

The Counsellor

This person is the one who helps others.  They are approachable, easy to talk to and able to give excellent guidance. This person should be able to deal well with all members of the team.

They can manage and resolve conflicts and ensure easy progress through transitions and growth periods within the business.

The Innovator

This person is your ideas person.  They are always thinking about ways to make things better.  They’re great when it comes to development and growth plans. Innovators can sometimes run wild with possibilities, so they can sometimes make you wary, however having an out of the box thinker on the team can actually be your greatest asset.

They are keen to suggest and implement innovative ideas, are competitive, keen to be mentored and are ambitious to succeed.

The Realist 

This person is there to keep you grounded and make sure your business plans are followed through.  They’re often your rock.  They keep a finger on the pulse and ensure that things are monitored in a timely manner.  While they can also challenge you with suggestions for improvement, they’re typically great at being the reality checker. Realists will help turn your business dreams and goals into reality – one step at a time.

The Idealist

Along with your realist, you should also have someone to think in creative ways, encourage you to look at strategies and ideas differently. This person will act as a sounding board for your own ideas while also offering their own initiatives.

Your Realist and Idealist should help to balance the business and encourage its strategic growth.

Add these personality types and see your team flourish!

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