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That's unlimited job ads, candidates searches and full access to JobGetter's ATS,

recruitment marketing tools and candidate CRM for 90 days for just $2,985 + GST.

“It’s probably the best talent sourcing decision I’ve ever made!”

— Paul Swain, Head of HR, Dymocks

Your Hiring Pro Trial includes:

Unlimited job ads

Receive an Instant Shortlist of the candidates who best fit your needs

Sponsored job ads through Indeed + distribution through our entire partner network of job sites

Full access to Search Candidates – no Boolean searches required!

Talent Pooling to build your own sustainable community of candidates

Recruitment Marketing/ Candidate CRM — Our Recruitment Marketing team will help you get started with a custom 3-month strategy designed in collaboration with you.

Get promoted! With an active monthly audience of over 250,000, we'll showcase your company as an Employer of Choice with custom content delivered to our active and passive job seekers as well as the wider JobGetter community through our weekly email, blog, job network posts and social media.

Effortless Candidate Experience with key milestone messages and automatic, personalised feedback for every applicant.

Full Talent Management/e-Recruitment features including a dynamic jobs/careers page that automatically updates your website (or full integration with your existing ATS) to streamline your application management.

Attract applications and expressions of interests through your own Company Profile — share videos, images, news, polls and even special offers to give prospective hires a backstage view into what makes your company a great employer.

Free Kiosk Page to collect expressions of interest during Career Fairs/O-Week and other events — even 24/7 on site, in store or anywhere else your candidates congregate!



Hear from a few happy Hiring Pro clients:

“Our biggest challenge when it came to recruitment was short turnaround times and an aggressive growth plan. We wanted to reduce the time to recruit and the man hours required to recruit so we could focus on more strategic activities. We wanted to move our recruitment process to a more digital age, also with the view to provide a tool for our franchise network to be more consistent in the overall process.
JobGetter stood out because it offered more responsive technology and a much more agile offering that other providers don’t. We wanted something fit for purpose and agile enough to work with our business. JobGetter offers all of that, and it’s not only much more affordable, but cost effective because you’re only purchasing what you need.
The idea was to create community, to be proactive in our recruitment and have a talent pool of people ready to go so we weren’t advertising for every role.
The service JobGetter provides is also part of their appeal, it’s far superior than what you get through other e-recruitment systems and software providers. They really back the tool and the relationship with the community like the youth program – you don’t get that through other providers.
If the end goal is to make things more efficient, more productive and more tech advanced, I’d definitely recommend JobGetter — especially for a business that’s running a lean support operation. It’s an investment in a longer-term strategy, not an operational cost.”


“Most retail businesses are likely to do their Christmas casual recruiting in September and October. This is the right time to start ramping up but is risky considering the competition for talented employees. One of the best solutions is to build a good pipeline of talent so you’ve got the right people there and ready to go when you need them.The middle of the year is a great time to start building that pipeline up so you’re ready for the peak trading period.
Since implementing JobGetter at Dymocks, I don’t stress about Christmas Casual recruitment at all. When we started building our talent pool it was so easy. Using JobGetter we were able to utilise a ‘Set & Forget’ process where candidates signed themselves up. Our customers make the best employees and using JobGetter to recruit them in-store and online 24/7 means we can engage with them in the right way to enable them to join our team.
We’ve now got over 25,000 people in the Dymocks Job Network that all absolutely love our brand and want to work with us, so recruitment is never an issue. We find the people we need quickly and we’re done with it.
The support from the JobGetter team made it incredibly easy to implement. There’s no complex tech integration required so we were literally up and running within an hour. It’s probably the best talent sourcing decision I’ve ever made!”


Collaboration is key to helping you find the people you need — quickly.

Part of JobGetter’s mission is to partner with employers, the broader job market as well as educators and industry to increase employability and reduce underemployment.  This includes collaborating with training providers such as TAFE NSW and National College Australia as well as property groups such as Westfield, GPT, Vicinity Group and Stockland to offer a way for Retailers and local businesses to recruit seamlessly by harnessing the power of their foot traffic through JobGetter’s intelligent matching algorithm.

This means that employers in these shopping centres and surrounding precincts — both regional and metro — can tap into a curated pool of people to launch a new store or ongoing recruitment needs in some of Australia’s hardest locations to recruit in.

The result? You’re staffed up and running as fast as possible.  

Watch the video about JobGetter’s launch in Bondi Junction above.