Candidate management has never been this easy!

"I'm overwhelmed with applications"

JobGetter automates candidate management with smart AI tools to identify the talent you need without the usual hours of sorting applications. It’s great to be an in-demand employer but it comes with it’s challenges.  The volume of both unsolicited and job response applications can be simply overwhelming. In a sea of resumes, how do you go about finding the best people?  Let us help. 

JobGetter’s Talent Team solutions are built especially for companies like yours. Pool your candidates all in one place, and our candidate management suite of tools take over enabling accurate comparing and ranking of candidates.  Then, when you need someone, you review and then hire.  Plus we’ll deliver to every candidate quality and genuinely useful personalised feedback so that, regardless of whether you employ them or not, they’ll still love your company and you keep your employer brand strong.

  • Manage both job replies and unsolicited applications automatically
  • Talent Pooling and employer branding suite of tools to effectively manage your pipeline quickly and simpl
  • Unlimited candidates ranked and sorted for you – and no per-candidate costs
“We’ve now got over 20,500 people in the Dymocks Job Network that all absolutely love our brand and want to work with us, so recruitment is never an issue. We find the people we need quickly and we’re done. The support from the JobGetter team made it incredibly easy to implement. There’s no complex tech integration required so we were literally up and running within an hour.
— Paul Swain, Head of HR, Dymocks

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JobGetter helps Employers connect quickly with the talent they need, build and nurture a dynamic talent pipeline, increase lead efficiencies by more than 350% and reduce turnover by recruiting on soft skills and culture fit as well as hard skills and experience. 

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