JobGetter distributes your job, collects your applications - then filters and ranks them for you.

Target exactly who you need. By location, availability, experience, qualifications, even demographics.

JobGetter distributes your job nationally AND taps into our industry-specific candidate pools to find exactly who you need

All of your applications are collected in one place AND automatically filtered and ranked in order of best fit

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JobGetter helps Employers connect quickly with the talent they need, build and nurture a dynamic talent pipeline, increase lead efficiencies by more than 350% and reduce turnover by recruiting on soft skills and culture fit as well as hard skills and experience. 

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What they're saying

“Hiring through JobGetter couldn’t be simpler. When we have a vacancy we can look at the pool of immediately available candidates who have already expressed their interest in working with us. The significant advantage if you have a strong employer brand is that you can create a community of interested employees and communicate regularly with them, even when you don’t have a position.”

Paul Swain, HR Manager, Dymocks

Most retail businesses are likely to do their Christmas casual recruiting in September and October. This is the right time to start ramping up but is risky considering the competition for talented employees. One of the best solutions is to build a good pipeline of talent so you've got the right people there and ready to go when you need them.The middle of the year is a great time to start building that pipeline up so you’re ready for the peak trading period.

Since implementing JobGetter at Dymocks, I don't stress about Christmas Casual recruitment at all. When we started building our talent pool it was so easy. Using JobGetter we were able to utilise a 'Set & Forget’ process where candidates signed themselves up. Our customers make the best employees and using JobGetter to recruit them in-store and online 24/7 means we can engage with them in the right way to enable them to join our team.

We've now got over 18,500 people in the Dymocks Job Network that all absolutely love our brand and want to work with us, so recruitment is never an issue. We find the people we need quickly and we're done with it.

The support from the JobGetter team made it incredibly easy to implement. There's no complex tech integration required so we were literally up and running within an hour. It’s probably the best talent sourcing decision I've ever made!

Paul Swain, Head of HR, Dymocks

“This is a smart and nimble business that cares for its’ customers, be it the recruiters or the candidates. Love the combination of smarts and care!”

Noa Erez-Rein, HR Manager, Max Brenner

“JobGetter has made the recruiting process a whole lot easier as it brings the right candidates to you rather than you going searching for them. With all the applicant’s details and job history broken down into simple sections which are easily expandable, navigation for the applicants is very simple. It is also a great way to organise and communicate with the candidates in one area rather than going through multiple emails and websites. I would encourage anyone who is looking to employ staff to utilise JobGetter and for anyone looking for work, especially in the hospitality industry, to sign up as we are looking for you.”

James Keighley, Area Manager, Coco Cubano