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"The people I need are hard to find"

Despite the wonder that is Artificial Intelligence, sophisticated candidate matching algorithms just aren’t enough when it comes to hard-to-fill roles – no matter how big your candidate database.  But, supercharged with human intelligence and real-time workforce data and analytics — now we’re talking.

The fact is, there are shortages of talent for some roles.  With JobGetter’s monthly Jobs in Demand reports, we keep a finger on the pulse of what jobs are most in demand and where the talent supply is located (or not located).  And, a skill shortage compounded by challenges with certain areas or demographics, you could struggle to fill a role for months.  But JobGetter has got you covered.

We know that finding hard-to-find people is a challenge – and we also know that you don’t find them by simply placing more job ads and no matter how great an algorithm is (and ours is pretty great!)  A search engine query can quickly tell you who the best candidates for your criteria are, even rank them in order of best fit but what if that list just isn’t long enough?  What if you need to think outside the job description box and re-think the role entirely? Despite the enormous promise of AI,  there will always be some challenges that require human judgment, expertise, and insight to deal with effectively.  That’s where we can help.

Using JobGetter’s real-time workforce data and analytics in conjunction with our cutting-edge technology, unique partnerships, unmatched understanding of what today’s job seekers want, our recruitment strategists will help you discover actionable intelligence to make informed decisions and build a sustainable recruitment channel that will cut your time-to-hire and increase your quality of hire. And with Australia’s largest connected network of job sites, we even got you covered in regional areas.

So, whether you just want to find out if you’re dealing with a talent shortage, find out where your talent is or just want to brainstorm, use the button below to book in a complimentary conversation!

  • Extensive candidate bank due to network of sites including regional Australia
  • Plus post your job to over 85 job sites for you with one click
  • Talent Pooling and employer branding suite of tools to make building a pipeline of talent efficient so you can find who you need when you need them
  • Search through JobGetter’s database of Candidates to reach out to active and passive candidates
“One of my favourite Recruitment platforms! They are the most knowledgeable, service driven providers I have worked with. [Your disability considerations feature is] an amazing initiative, JobGetter!” — Noa Rein, Head of People and Culture at TravelEdge Corporate