How do we anticipate labour demand, lift employment rates and solve the global skills gap?

The global Skills Gap is increasing.

Advances in technology and the growth of a global economy have dramatically changed the kinds of jobs that are available, making high-quality, relevant education and continual skills development vital to competing in today’s job market.

Everyone knows there’s a skills gap.

No one is identifying the skills gap – and fast enough to meet demand.

Until now. JobGetter syncs workforce supply and demand through world first, real-time Skills Gap identification and solution.

Using unique AI algorithms based on 6 years of deep research, JobGetter’s technology automatically identifies skills gaps and, therefore, helps keeps people in work.  We work with Government, Industry, Education and communities to anticipate labour demand, lift employment rates and solve skills gap.

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By effectively measuring skills gap, JobGetter can help you:

  • identify skills needs for your workforce moving forward
  • improve employment prospects for all people including our youth
  • reduce staff skills shortages
  • better target the people you need
  • build talent pipelines and ongoing sourcing strategies
  • personalise career planning advice
  • optimise curriculum outcomes
  • align industry training programs with employer needs
  • enhance regional employment sustainability

“Wingecarribee Shire Council is an active supporter of JobGetter’s efforts in our area. JobGetter intelligently matches job seekers with available jobs. It helps training organisations and businesses identify skills shortages in real time, which makes it far easier to develop precise training options (content and timing) in a rapidly changing jobs market. 

JobGetter also offers a major advantage when trying to attract new businesses to a region because they can compare available skills with future industry needs. This provides users with the aggregated information needed to quickly and precisely plan how to retrain the existing workforce. 

JobGetter also helps to reduce the risk of shrinking regional populations because the system can identify economic options that might be missed using by other tools. This helps to minimise the risk of unnecessarily investing in infrastructure to industries already in decline, but which are still supported by powerful incumbents resisting change.”

Noel Ferguson, Economic Development Manager, Wingecarribee Shire Council

November 2018

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