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What Barossa Valley jobs have to offer:

When most people think of the Barossa Valley, they think wine. When we’re asked about it, we think jobs. Maybe you want to work at one of the 150 plus local wineries or maybe you want to relax working in the idyllic Valley serving locals and tourists alike. Located only an hour from Adelaide, the Barossa Valley is home to many towns. Opportunities for employment are a bit limited compared to major cities due to the size of the towns. However, since you are based so close to Adelaide, it is possible to get the best of both worlds and experience both rural and urban benefits. There are plenty of sights to see in such a beautiful and fun part of the world. Try visiting Williamstown to see the Whispering Wall – a reservoir wall which was built more than 110 years ago that allows you to hear what someone is saying from over 100 metres away is saying! There are hundreds of local food and wine providers for you to explore and with access to award winning local produce, why wouldn’t you? The farms and vineyards that grow all the fresh produce are always looking out for workers. The harvest season for grapes runs from late January to late April while pruning work begins in mid May and run to late September. For those looking to earn their Second Year Visa, you can do a lot worse than looking here for some of the available Barossa Valley jobs.


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