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What Adelaide jobs have to offer:

In any job, you need to go to where the people are. Adelaide is perfect for this with over 75% of the South Australian population living in or nearby the state capital. There are thousands of jobs in Adelaide in a city that prides itself on its innovation and business growth. Adelaide straddles the divide between a long and proud Australian heritage and an exciting, technological future. It is the home of Coopers, the largest Australian owned brewery and one that that was founded in in 1862. It is also the brand new home of the world’s largest lithium ion battery designed by Elon Musk’s Tesla. This symbiosis of the new and the old mean that Adelaide is always looking to see how it can make a mark on the future. The Adelaide BioMed City is one such way with multi-billion dollar district in the CBD promising to be one of the largest health research institutions in the world. Although it is the fifth largest city in Australia, Adelaide has a much smaller feel and can be a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the big east coast cities. Don’t feel like you’ll miss out though, this South Australian city is a culture hub. The Adelaide Fringe Festival attracts huge crowds each year and the proximity to the Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills means that award winning vineyards are only a short drive away. The City of Churches offers beautiful views year round while the Rundle Mall offers top of the line retail experience. Adelaide has a strong German heritage which gives the city and surrounding area a very European flavour. It truly is a unique and wonderful place. Having one of the many jobs in Adelaide can give you a key to this city where culture seems to seep out of every pore. It almost seems unfair to the rest of Australia to have so much tucked away but that is your advantage. In 2013 Adelaide was ranked as the fifth-most liveable city in the world. You’d be hard pushed to find a better place to live and work amongst. Adelaide has many different opportunities for work and there is a position for everyone based on your skills and interests. There are jobs that cater to people with varying levels of experience and ability. What are you waiting for? Look through our current available jobs in Adelaide and become a member of this exciting city today.


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