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Living and Working in Tamworth

Located 420km north of Sydney and 280km west of Port Macquarie, Tamworth straddles the Peel River in the rich agricultural region of north-eastern New South Wales. As the largest inland city in NSW west of the Dividing Range, it is home to a community that have discovered the many benefits of city living in a country location.

Like much of the region, Tamworth experiences mild winters and warm summers with an average max temperature of 33C in summer. Combined with fertile soils, the area produces $75 million each year through agriculture alone. The area is diverse and produces beef, dairy, sheep, dairy, poultry, and grain products.

Nicknamed the First Town of Lights, the city holds the distinction of being the first town to use electric street lights in Australia all the way back in 1888. The city has not stepped away from its innovative roots and continues to be a major employer in the construction and manufacturing industries.

However, the main industry in Tamworth is retail. The city is the retail hub in the New England area. With over 42 shops in the Tamworth Town Plaza alone, it’s no surprise that almost 22.5% of the working population are in the retail industry.

Growth areas for employment include the public administration and safety, and the health care and social assistance industries. These two industries have been growing steadily over the last few years and currently employ people above the state average. In fact, Tamworth is regarded as the major health provider for New England and the North West region.

Tamworth is home to the Country Music Festival and is well-known as being the home of country music in Australia. This 10-day celebration is the second biggest country music festival in the world and is the biggest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Each year the festival attracts almost 100,000 people to Tamworth. The town is also home to the big Golden Guitar – an enormous statute that stands as monument to the town’s love of country music.

Tourism is also increasing thanks in part to rising demands for agri-tourism and the region’s galleries and museums. Natural beauty abounds with opportunities for breathtaking views from Mount Oxley overlooking the city itself. A well-developed café and foodie community that takes full advantage of the local produce is another reason for people to come to Tamworth.

Like much of Australia, Tamworth is home to a large and active sport loving community. Their needs are catered to with running tracks; cricket, rugby, AFL, football and hockey fields; netball and basketball courts; 2 18-hole golf courses and the Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre (the biggest centre of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere) for horse sports. All up there are more than 180 sporting clubs and over 200 sporting events in the Tamworth region – more than enough to make sure that there is something for everyone.

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