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What Sydney CBD jobs have to offer:

Living in Sydney gives you a front row seat to one of the world’s most unique and exciting cities. Sydney is not just the biggest city in Australia, it is also the major city for trading and business in addition to a huge tourism, retail, and hospitality industries. Straddling the world’s largest natural harbour, the Harbour City has an identity all of its own. If you think that you would love to work in the midst of it all then the Sydney CBD is for you. Sydney is the centre for business in Australia. In the densely packed CBD, huge multinationals, rising companies, and start-ups all work side by side. With such limited free space in the city, the majority of industries are those that can work within the confines of an office. However, the construction industry almost never sleeps and is constantly putting up new buildings, repairing old ones, and making major upgrades to the city. It is a major employer in the city. Similarly, service industries such as hospitality also employ huge numbers to ensure the workers in the city are catered to. You’ll never be bored in the city with a new attraction appearing every week. The Sydney CBD is brimming with culture. From shows and performances at the State Theatre and world famous Opera House to the NSW Art Gallery and the yearly Vivid and Mardi Gras festivals, there’s always something going on. Sydney has become a haven for foodies too with all levels of cuisine with a wide range of hatted restaurants, greasy spoons and food trucks. Nearby suburbs such as Surrey Hills and Newtown have even more entertainment and food venues. The retail heart of the city is Pitt Street which is the home to the flagship stores of many international brands. Around midday tourists, shoppers, and workers on their lunch hour alike brush shoulders looking for the best deals. Living in the CDB is limited primarily to apartments and complexes because of the extreme lack of space. There are several train stations throughout the CBD however and multiple bus stops that make commuting into the city from the nearby suburbs an effective way to live and work. If you think you are ready to dive into the deep end of the working world and be a part of the largest grouping of businesses in Australia, then the Sydney CBD is waiting. Have a look and see what jobs are available now!


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