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Local Job Market Snapshot: Southern Highlands


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Living and Working in the Southern Highlands

Perfectly located midway between Sydney and Canberra, the Southern Highlands is home to a vibrant and diverse community of urban, agricultural and natural environments.

Beautiful, green, rural and relaxed, the region has four distinct seasons, amazing walks, cycling, great schools and hospitals, country lanes, boutiques shopping, market days, roadside stalls and a real sense of community. It’s also home to the largest Koala population in southern NSW.

Recognized by NSW State Government as one of the fastest growing local government areas, it’s just 1 ½ hours from Sydney, just under 2 hours from Canberra and just over an hour from the coast, with a train link to and from Sydney.

Due to the Southern Highland’s numerous attractions, tourism continues to offer economic growth and employment opportunities. The area has found a niche for companies and government departments by offering the perfect location for conferencing, an attractive option due to the close proximity to Sydney and many “outside the square” options.

Some of these businesses are also leveraging off the strong agricultural base of the area to create ‘paddock to plate’ tourist experiences.

It stands to reason that there is strong job demand in the Southern Highlands in hospitality, but other strong job prospects exist in trade, manufacturing, healthcare and social assistance, construction, education and training, accommodation and food services.

The region is well known for horses and horse related services and activities with the equine industry employment opportunities deriving from stud farms to specialist equine veterinary services and industry trainers.

Food producers are diverse with the close location to Sydney providing massive growth opportunities. Agribusiness and agri-tourism are new and fast growing industry sectors supporting sustainable agricultural businesses.

Southern Highlands Jobs by popular industries

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