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Parramatta is truly a hub for western Sydney. It is the centre for transport, entertainment, and business and a melting pot for hundreds of cultures. It has a well developed CBD it has only continued to grow from strength to strength. There are few places that manage to captivate the multicultural aspect of Sydney as well as Parramatta. If you are looking for something that will let you live the Sydney experience but with the hassle and expense of living closer to the harbour that Parramatta is the go to location. Parramatta is the oldest inland city in Australia. Local Aboriginal communities have been in the area for much longer however with some estimates putting it at 30,000 years. The name means “The Place Where Eels Lie Down” referring to the large amount of eels that gather at the head of the Parramatta River. The city has had no difficulties modernising however and is currently home to the ninth largest shopping centre in the country. The CBD has been steadily growing over the last couple of years. You can find employers from every industry here. Recently the headquarters for large employers such as the NSW Police Force have been moved to Parramatta. A large legal precinct and the nearby Westmead hospital has resulted in a large sector of professional services. The upgrades to the area including the new transport links have made the city extremely accessible and desirable location to conduct business. No matter what type of work you are looking for, you will find something for you in Parramatta. It is also a great place to relax and admire the sights. Once upon a time it was the capital of NSW and the colonial style buildings can still be found throughout the city. If you are looking for food then you will be spoilt for choice. Restaurants from every culture can be found all over. There are also great walks to be had through the Parramatta Park and alongside the Parramatta River. If you are looking forward to sport then you’ll be pleased to hear that it is the home for sport in western Sydney. Both the Parramatta Eels and the Western Sydney Wanderers play nearby and see large crowds supporting them. Since its founding it has been an essential part of Sydney’s history as a whole. In recent years though, Parramatta has increasingly become its own entity and is utilising the space that Sydney lacks. If you are looking for a place to live and work that will become one of the most important centres in Australia, Parramatta could be the place for you. See what jobs are available now!


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