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Searching for a change of pace? Looking to make a tree change? Mudgee in mid-west NSW is becoming one of the most popular destinations for people looking to move out of the capital cities. Only three and half hours away from Sydney and Newcastle, Mudgee offers an escape to the bush while still being close to major metropolitan areas. Although Mudgee has a lot of different career opportunities, its two major employers can be summed up as wining and mining. The majority of Mudgee’s employers work in the mine and vineyards that surround the town. While the mining community has been downsizing in recent years, the wine industry helped to pick up the slack. Consequently the hospitality, retail, and tourism industries have experienced a surge thanks to the increased numbers of people visiting the area. It is also home to award winning restaurants and bars that have made Mudgee one of the premier foodie getaways for Sydneysiders. The term Mudgee comes from the Wiradjuri word Moothi meaning “Nest in the Hills”. Once you arrive you can see why. Lush hills envelope the small town and encourage you to see what lies beyond. As with most country towns, there is plenty to do on the weekends. From fishing and bush walks to fresh produce markets and music festivals – you’ll never run out of activities in Mudgee. In fact, a pastime popular with tourists and locals alike is cycling between individual wineries. An activity that manages to blend exercise and the foodie experience together. Don’t be put off by the small size of Mudgee. The small town has a lot to offer residents, both locals and new comers alike. It has been growing in recent years and can provide a welcome relief to those looking to getaway from the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities. If you think that Mudgee might be the town you’ve been looking for, see what jobs are available today!


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