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Living and Working in Goulburn, Marulan and surrounds

“In Goulburn you’re 5 minutes from everywhere. If you have to go to a school event it’s 5 minutes. If you have to meet with a client, it’s 5 minutes.” Nick Fife from Fife Financial Services.

Living and working in and around Goulburn means you have access to everything you need without the need to travel far or pay for parking when you get there.

Only 2 hours from Sydney, 1 ½ hours from the coast and just 1 hour from Canberra, this regional centre is a safe, community-oriented township with the advantages of the city, such as shopping, quality education and reliable telecommunications without the stress of traffic jams and supermarket queues. The city is surrounded by natural landscapes peppered with picturesque villages, views of the big skies, clean air and a tranquil environment. It’s steeped in history, brimming with beautiful gardens, parks and wide open spaces.

With affordable housing, quality public and private schools, a wealth of tertiary education and training options, it’s a family-friendly town that lives up to its reputation.

There’s no shortage of activities to choose from when your leisure time kicks in. Staying healthy and active is easy with an Aquatic and Leisure Centre, the Goulburn BMX track, an Adventure Playground, and a range of self-guided Heritage Bicycle Rides.

Bungonia National Park offers extensive walking tracks and lookouts for bushwalking, canyoning and access to one of Australia’s prime caving spots.

Car enthusiasts are well catered to at Wakefield Park Raceway, one of the largest privately owned and run and publicly accessible motor sports tracks in NSW, hosting a wide range of motor sport events.

Goulburn is home to a diverse range of industries ranging from IT, Communications, Distribution and Logistics, Engineering, Mining, Construction, Renewable Energy, with Healthcare and Social Assistance leading the employment opportunities.

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Local Job Market Snapshot: Goulburn Marulan

Goulburn Marulan jobs and market snapshot

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