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Living and working in Crookwell and the Upper Lachlan

Upper Lachlan is an area that is known for its quaint villages, fine wool, potato production, wind farms, history and picturesque countryside. The regional centre township is Crookwell, only 35 minutes from Goulburn, and just over 1.5 hours from Canberra and a scenic 2.5 hour drive from Sydney.

The relaxed rural atmosphere and quality lifestyle of the region is supported by the vibrancy of the towns and villages. The cafes are the heartbeat of the town and always a great gathering place for locals and lunch.

Upper Lachlan Shire has a full range of health support services, particularly in aged care.

Recreational facilities ensure residents have opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities including fishing, golf, boating, swimming, tennis and many other sports. The region also has a number of resident artists and crafts people so there is no shortage of cultural pursuits. Hockey fields, football fields and tennis courts are all a hive of activity on any given weekend. Annually, the Crookwell Potato Festival is a well celebrated occasion for locals and visitors alike.

The top industries for employment in the region are agriculture, forestry and fishing, healthcare & social assistance, and education and training. A newcomer that is fast becoming the next growth industry is tourism with hospitality jobs increasing to support demand.

Agriculture remains at the heart of the local economy with 52% of businesses in the agriculture, forestry and fishing sector and 43% of the population employed in the sector. Diversification is also seeing the introduction of new ventures such as olive growing, alpaca wool and horse studs.

Renewable energy is a key industry with nine large-scale wind farms and a solar farm located within the shire.

And for those with a passion for vintage cars, the Sydney Vintage Car Restoration are a qualified team of craftsmen that are specially trained for restoration and repair work and operate out of their purpose-built factory in Crookwell.

Additional employment opportunities are available in manufacturing, retail and service industries.

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Local Job Market Snapshot: Crookwell and Upper Lachlan

Upper Lachlan Jobs Snapshot

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