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Just 10km up the road from Sydney CBD and only 15km away from the Northern Beaches, Chatswood captures what is means to work and play. With some of the best shopping and restaurants in Sydney and a huge commercial sector, Chatswood is a great place to live and work. The first residences were built in 1876 but the city really expanded once the Harbour Bridge opened up Sydney’s North Shore in the 1930s. The area had long been prized though with the traditional owners of the land, the Cammeraygal people living in the area for almost 50,000 years beforehand. The Chatswood that you can see today is the product of the times and is vastly different to the one of previous years. Under the Cammeraygal people it was bushland, in the early 1900s it was the site of orchards and farms, and now it is a modern city built with the technology of the 21st century in mind. A big part of the changing nature of Chatswood is the shift in demographics. It has become home to a large number of residents with an Asian background. This has lead to some of the best Chinese, Korean, and Japanese restaurants in Sydney being found all within the same small area. The city has become a destination to go if you’re looking for food on the North Shore. Chatswood is located on the North Shore – one of the greenest districts in Sydney with rolling hills and large house plots. It is criss-crossed by roads and railways and like Rome, they all lead to Chatswood. With several major roads and a rail and bus hub at the heart of the city, people are always moving through and around Chatswood. This movement has seen the city become the hub for all types of businesses. Many international companies have their Australian headquarters and offices located in the area. They take advantage of the excellent business district and transport hub whilst paying substantially less than in the middle of Sydney. The large amount of people visiting the restaurants and using the public transport means that Chatswood is always busy and sees a lot of retail traffic. It has two major shopping centres and several minor shopping complexes in order to cater to the high demand. Several major hotels and a vibrant café scene ensure that visitors to the city are adequately catered to in addition to providing many jobs to the area. Chatswood suits those who want everything close and want to be able to get anywhere in Sydney in a hurry. If you are looking for a place to work that will let you really kick back and enjoy your breaks then Chatswood is the place for you. See what jobs are available now!


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