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Entrepreneurs' Apprentice Pitchfest

Your chance to intern with an Innovator!

FREE EVENT // NSW Youth Week Fri. 12 April 2019, 5pm Fishburners, Level 3/11 York St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Hey Founders, want to pitch for your very own one-week “Apprentice”? Submit your interest here…

What the community says:

Tomer Garzberg


“StartupJobsOz is one of our best kept hiring secrets. By the nature of GRONADE’s services, hiring the right talent with particular skillsets is difficult through traditional methods. The quality and talent pool in StartupJobsOz is exactly what Australia needed.”

Kiah Hickson


“Work environments have evolved and the demand for diverse, hybrid skill sets is greater than ever. StartupJobsOz is a pioneer in connecting Australian startup-focused people to startup-focused roles, they are my first choice in discovering driven individuals.”

Angela Bee


“As Australia accelerates to becoming one of the most innovative countries in the world, we need to adapt to the changing environment. The number of jobs created by the increased number of startups needs to be met. This is where StartupJobsOz comes in. They’re perfect for matching those with the various skill sets to companies that function with a ‘start up style’. Fast, agile, and gets things done.”

Boris Gefter


“I love the idea of StartUpJobs because it fulfills a very important function; which is sourcing and qualifying people to work for start-ups. It is important to distinguish the quality of the candidate that you source from StartUpJobs vs other sites, as the applicants generally tend to be hungry, driven and willing to learn! STACK is and will always remain a big supporter!”

Your chance to intern with an Innovator!

This JobGetter event showcases a select group of entrepreneurs pitching to a group of potential interns/ apprentices who are eager to learn the entrepreneurial ropes either because their interested in the world of business or envision starting one of their own one day.

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Want to get involved? We'd love your support!

StartupJobsOz was the brainchild of JobGetter and others in the startup space because we saw the disconnect between people wanting to work for startups and those startups who struggle to recruit they people they need to grow.

There wasn’t one provider or platform that truly offered a solution. And not just a job board but a community with innovative tools and strategies to make it easier for startups to match what the bigger players are doing (and some of what they don’t!) to compete for talent. And a way for job seekers to keep up with what’s happening in the startup ecosystem and get alerted when their dream job becomes available. 

So, whether you’re a University with an innovation program, a co-working space with exciting startup businesses who need help recruiting or building their Employer Brand, an education provider who offers industry-led courses for skills in demand, entrepreneurship or transdisciplinary skills – or maybe your just a business who supports startups! We’d love to talk to you about how you can help the StartupJobsOz community grow.  Because no startup should fail because they can’t recruit the team they need – and no job seeker should settle for a job they’re unhappy in if working in the exciting world of startups is what they dream of.

If you agree – please get in touch!