A New Name That Showcases Our Laser-Like Focus!

We’ve always tried to set ourselves apart. One way we’ve done that is to take a job seeker-centric approach to connecting people and jobs.

You see, we understand that to find the right people, you need to understand what makes a good fit for your business and the people who work in it.

Good fit isn’t just about finding people that have the right skill to do the job. In fact, we know that most people hired on skill will often quickly defect on culture. This results in high employee turnover and increased recruitment costs.

So we are, and always have, taken a job seeker-centric focus on recruiting. And it works.

By fitting people with companies in the right way, everyone wins. You get happier people who stay longer, which ultimately cuts your recruitment spend.

Our new name, JobGetter, is all about our focus on people, which means helping them go from a job seeker to a JobGetter.

For companies, that means better finding the right people to help them deliver the right results.  

Over the past 6 months, we’ve re-visited our core purpose – to get people into work. In doing that, we realised that a new name that said just that would help us clarify that to the market.  

We’ve been fortunate to work with great companies and help great job seekers find work with them.  The testimonials we receive from both companies and job seekers warm our hearts – and never go unnoticed or unappreciated.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support so far by creating so many employment opportunities for our job seekers, all of which has been critical to our success.

As we begin this next phase, we’re looking forward to working even more closely with both our employers and our job seekers.  For employers, we look forward to helping you create and amplify engaging employer brands that attracts wonderful people. For job seekers, we are providing even more tools and resources to help you find out about – and get – the jobs you want.  

Our aim is simple – turn job seekers into jobgetters, with JobGetter being the number one place that people go to get jobs.

Stay tuned – there’s lots to come!

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