JobGetter Partners with UTS to Help Students

At JobGetter, we believe that every student should have “real world” work integrated learning as part of their education experience.  We know that having this practical insight is integral to their employment outcomes so it was a “no-brainer” when UTS asked us to become an industry partner for their new Bachelor of Technology and Innovation (BTi) degree students.

As such, we were warned that the students would be inquisitive and that we might have to open up our business to some serious prodding and poking.  (As if that would be a bad thing!)

So, of course, we jumped at the chance.

work-integrated-learning-jobgetterFresh Sets of Eyes

You see, it’s not every day that a business gets 25 sets of fresh eyes. Objective, new perspectives about how you do things and ideas and suggestions as to how you might do what you do better.

In fact, it was this experience that inspired JobGetter’s ‘Disability Considerations‘ feature released earlier this year — a huge step forward in bringing inclusion into mainstream recruitment.

The commitment from us was about an hour a week to brief, then work with, the students giving them feedback on their ideas, evaluations and proposals. 

Senior Lecturer at UTS Natalia Nikolova – the Subject Coordinator for Data-driven Design Challenges – was the driving force behind last year’s collaboration with us at JobGetter and an integral part of getting this unique and innovative degree up and running. She’s an advocate of work integrated learning and believes that it should happen right from the start of a student’s education. 

“Normally, such experiences are offered in capstone subjects, at the end of degrees,” explains Natalia. “BTi is different in that we want students to have the opportunity to work with real clients and problems early on.”

JobGetter’s relationship with UTS is multi-faceted and we’re proud of this association. Our Co-CEO Fiona Anson, mentors entrepreneurial students as part of UTS’s Hatchery Accelerate program and has close ties to UTS’s MBA and MBAe program.

Read more about JobGetter’s partnership – and the phenomenal outcomes for both us and the students on UTS’s website here.

More importantly, if you believe that becoming an industry partner is something you want to do (and we believe everyone should consider it), you can reach out to your local University, TAFE, training college or industry Association and ask how you can get involved with the next generation of innovative thinkers. Not only will you be doing the socially responsible thing in helping train the next generation of workers but you’ll also be first in line to get the pick of the talent as they seek out work experience, internships and entry level job opportunities. 


  • maggie burke

    Can you advise if you are taking any steps to increase the amount of female graduates gaining work ?

    • Fiona Anson
      Fiona Anson

      Hi Maggie. In general, we try to look at graduates across the board without singling out any particular group as we certainly don’t want to be discriminatory. Having said that, if there are specific needs, we certainly want to hear about them to see what conversations we can start to solve the challenges. In the last year, we’ve been on our soapbox, holding events around Australia talking, particularly, about graduate recruitment and how we need to work collaboratively to shorten the time between study and employment. We’re certainly happy to hear suggestions, comments and the like. Feel free to email us!!

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