JobGetter’s Latest Features | Instant Shortlist, Disability Considerations, and More!

A day doesn’t go by that we’re not striving to solve our clients’ and job seekers’ challenges at JobGetter. We pride ourselves on our ability to observe, listen and come up with practical solutions delivered through a combination of innovative technology, collaborative partnerships and access to information. That means, the JobGetter platform is constantly evolving — some subtle changes that you’d never notice but make a big difference to performance, others are more obvious. 

Here’s a quick look at some of JobGetter’s latest features we’re introducing to make your life easier:

Instant Shortlist!


Employers on our Starter plan now get a shortlist of 5 best-fit candidates immediately after your job ad goes active so you can reach out to people quickly and fill your role faster.

Finding the right people fast can be a challenge so we always have an army of candidates on the ready.  With over 200,000 candidates looking for jobs like yours, we can find who you need – fast. Plus, instantly alert thousands more who can apply in seconds!  But we know it’s about quality not just quantity – and that is where our unique and powerful AI comes in.  Our algorithms will also rank all candidates for you in order of best fit speeding up your selection process even more.  Let us do the hard yards so that you just get who you need – fast!


Disability Considerations


Is your role and workplace suitable for someone with a disability? You could be missing out on some of the best candidates because they’re not sure you can accomodate them. Now, you can make this information a prominent part of your job ad through JobGetter and attract more applicants. 

At JobGetter, we’ve always been dedicated to ensuring our platform is inclusive and does not alienate vulnerable groups such as persons with disabilities. While working with UTS’s Bachelor of Technology & Innovation (BTi) students through their Work Integrated Learning program last semester, one group focused on how JobGetter could better deliver on this mission for job seekers with a disability. 

As part of their research, the students approached a number of different organisations and local councils to understand the type of services that are currently available while also examining potential advantages for employers looking to hire persons with disabilities. One significant issue that the students uncovered was that the employers they interviewed were unable to hire people with disabilities because they did not know where to look. So, they took their research which included job seeker and employer input, and suggested how JobGetter could adapt our technology to describe nature of disability without alienating the user with all selection options being non-mandatory. Adding “Disability Considerations” to the “post a job” process is just the first step we intend to take in helping turn persons with disabilities from job seekers into JobGetters.


Require a Police Check?


JobGetter has teamed up with National Crime Check to make getting a police check quicker and easier. Our job seekers have been able to add a valid police check to their job applications for a while but now you can include this in your job ad to give them the heads up so they can apply with their valid police check and cut down your time-to-hire even further. 

If your applicants have a small shield like this one  on their profiles. This means that they’ve included a verified police check which you can view when you click on the icon. All police checks associated with this badge are done through National Crime Check and valid for 12 months.

Feel free to direct any applicants who have not attached a police check to obtain theirs using this unique link:  


Company pages have had a makeover!


Part of JobGetter’s core value proposition is the ability to build your own talent pool, or job network as we call them. Knee-jerk recruitment, or reactive recruitment, is stressful and frustrating because you’re relying on finding that needle-in-the-haystack and starting from Ground Zero every time.  But, talent pooling gives you an active and passive community of candidates who specifically want to work for you at your fingertips so that you’re able to recruit who you need, when you need them much faster than when relying on a third-party’s ability to bring candidates into see your job ads.

A talent pool – that is, a well managed talent pool – puts you back in control of your recruitment processes by making you less reliant on other systems. Part of JobGetter’s talent pooling solution is having your own company page to attract “expressions of interest” candidates who want to know about your job opportunities but also about your company, your values, your benefits and more. We’ve given our company pages a makeover with more flexibility and functionality to showcase why you’re an Employer of Choice.  Check out Chatime and Optus’ pages for inspiration…


More job boards = More exposure for your job ads


Now your jobs will be automatically distributed to Jora, Adzuna, Indeed, Rulla, Jobbydoo and neuvoo — plus, all of the other job sites JobGetter powers like, regional job sites and select TAFE NSW institutes (although stay tuned!) 

With more exposure, comes more applicants but without the headache of an application avalanche thanks to JobGetter’s ranking algorithm that dynamically ranks your applications in order of best fit according to your job ad’s criteria.

Got a job? You post it — we’ll distribute it and give you a shortlist within minutes. Recruitment has never been this easy!

Do you have an idea for how we can improve the JobGetter technology? We LOVE getting your insights so please don’t hesitate to share your feedback and suggestions with us — we’ve been known to turn your ideas into reality within days!

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