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JobGetter is the product of problem solving and collaboration. We use technology to bring the whole community together in one local workforce and education ecosystem. Best described as “Job Tech,” our platform is a blend between a job marketplace, applicant tracking software/Candidate CRM and data analytics company — and every feature has been built in consultation with our job seekers, employers, clients and partners.

Not a day goes by that we’re not striving to solve someone’s challenge — and we pride ourselves on our ability to observe, listen and come up with practical solutions delivered through a combination of innovative technology, collaborative partnerships and access to information. That means, the JobGetter platform is constantly evolving and our network is always expanding — some subtle changes that you’d never notice but make a big difference to performance, others are more obvious. 

Here’s a quick look at some of JobGetter’s latest news — new partnerships, workforce reports and features to help you keep up because we move fast! 


Vicinity Centres + JobGetter 

JobGetter | Bankstown Central Jobs Page

Working with the Sustainability and National Brand teams, as well as the local Marketing Managers, JobGetter has partnered with Vicinity Centres to create a digital jobs community around participating shopping centres. The objective is to help connect local job seekers with local businesses to find work while providing relevant resources and content to help them be successful in their job search. The first two centres – Bankstown Central and Lake Haven Centre – launched their JobGetter-powered jobs pages in sync with hugely-successful in-centre job fairs in August and September respectively.

This means our employers who have a presence in either shopping centre will have the added exposure on the relevant Vicinity Centre website when you post a job ad. And, as with others in the JobGetter partner network, all of your applicants will appear in your JobGetter dashboard – and ranked for you – keeping your recruitment processes streamlined.

Stay tuned as this new partnership develops!


Nationwide Job Ads


It’s no secret that the way people work has changed dramatically in recent years and this isn’t expected to stop anytime soon. One major change is the rate of remote job opportunities that have become available (a great thing for our regional job seekers!) 

At JobGetter we’ve seen an increasing demand for the ability to search for jobs anywhere and advertise jobs to anyone in Australia, rather than be limited to a specific location.

So, we have introduced the ability to post a nationwide job ad. 

For job seekers not limited by geography, you can search for jobs that match your preferred criteria anywhere in the country. And, for employers, with one nationwide job ad, you can now reach 257 regions which means all corners of Australia so you won’t be required to post as many ads in order to reach the widest audience possible. In fact, this will mean you’ll reach an even wider audience than you’ve been able to previously while saving you huge amounts of time as you won’t have to manage as many ads.

Employers subscribed to JobGetter’s “Teams and Locations“, “Hiring Pro” or “Business Opportunities” plans now have access to post nationwide job ads.


New Way to Track Your Employer Brand Power

JobGetter | Network Statistics Example

Huge believers in proactive recruitment strategies through the use of talent pooling and recruitment marketing, JobGetter has launched advanced statistics that give companies insight into who their Employer Brand is attracting at the click on a button.  Available to all of our Hiring Pro subscribers, you’ll find a new “Network Statistics” menu item in your Dashboard that provide an instant breakdown of your Job Network by gender, age, demographic group and location. 

This insight is critical to driving diversity agendas and informing strategic attraction and sourcing activities. For instance, when reviewing these statistics with one of our international Telco clients, the talent acquisition team was surprised to see their Employer Brand was attracting far more female job seekers than male but their staff demographic in stores was dominated by male employees. This raised valuable questions as to where the disconnect between attraction and placement is occurring that they’re now exploring.


Be Part of the Solution to Youth Unemployment

JobGetter-youth-friendly-jobs-example-adIs your role and workplace suitable for someone who is under 24 years old?

JobGetter is working with the Government to help reduce the youth unemployment rate. In order to identify jobs that suitable for young people as well as employers willing to give them a chance, we’re now asking, “Would you consider applications from job seekers who are under 24 years old for this role?” 

If you select “yes”, your job ad will include a “Youth Friendly” badge so young job seekers and their support network can more easily identify jobs that are suitable for them. Too often, job seekers discount themselves because they’re unsure the employer would welcome their application. You could be missing out on some of the best candidates because of this miscommunication. Now, you can make this information a prominent part of your job ad through JobGetter and attract more applicants. 

Find out more about JobGetter’s work in tackling youth unemployment…


Discover What Makes Millennials Tick

JobGetter Millennial Workforce Report

There’s a lot of discussion around Millennials at the moment.  The largest demographic wave to hit the workforce in decades, Millennials have been labelled as entitled, lazy and wrapped in cotton wool.

But is this really true?  How do they really think? When it comes to work, what do they want – and how do the like to work?

JobGetter has just completed Australia’s largest survey into Millennials and work.  It’s called The Millennial Index.

We’ve discovered a lot about how they think, what they want and what their true motivations are. We’ve also found out they that fall into three distinct groups – and how, if you’re hiring them  you really need to understand each one so that you can get the best from them.

If Millennials falls into the group of candidates you hire, this report is a must read. You’ll find out how what motivates them, how to attract them, and what to do to keep them. 

Download a free copy of The Millennial Index here.


Always on the move, here’s a few features we’re working on: 

  • Enhanced job statistics to better inform your recruitment strategies

  • New diversity badges to include in your job ads

  • Search applicants to make it easier to re-connect with previous candidates

  • Resume parsing to make it easier for job seekers to sync their resumes/CVs with their JobGetter profiles for better matching, skill gap analysis and personalized experience

  • More!


Miss the last update? Check it out here… 


Do you have an idea for how we can improve the JobGetter technology? We LOVE getting your insights so please don’t hesitate to share your feedback and suggestions with us — we’ve been known to turn your ideas into reality within days!

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