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No two days are the same at JobGetter HQ. Every week brings new events, connections, collaborations and challenges. But, one thing remains the same — we exist to solve problems related to employment. From getting job seekers into work and helping businesses find the staff they need to be successful to helping communities anticipate labour demand, lift employment rates and solve skills gap — we’re at the heart of the workforce ecosystem.

This forward momentum means the JobGetter platform is constantly evolving and our network is always expanding — some subtle changes that you’d never notice but make a big difference to performance, others are more obvious.

In effort to keep the community up to date, here’s a quick look at some of JobGetter’s latest partnerships, workforce reports and features…


Enhanced Job Statistics

JobGetter | Job Statistics by Ad Example

In the words of one of the greatest management thinkers of all time, Peter Drucker: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” We couldn’t agree more. With the latest version of Job Statistics, JobGetter is helping employers measure their job ad results so they can adjust their strategies to attract more candidates. Flip between “Statistics by Job Ad” and “Job Statistics by Job Template” to compare results by location or A/B test different job ad headlines, descriptions, criteria and application processes. Digging into the data, you’ll quickly identify what’s working best where to adapt your strategies, maximise results and zero in on your “problem” areas. 


Diversity Statements + Badges

“We support diversity in our workplace and encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people from different cultural backgrounds and people with disabilities to apply for this position.”

“Considerations” was first introduced in early 2018 as a new step in the job advertising process. Starting with bringing disability inclusion into mainstream recruitment, this new step asks all employers and recruiters, “Is this role and workplace suitable for someone with a disability?” If yes, the advertiser is asked how so this information can be included in the job ad for those job seekers who have accessibility questions.


National College Australia + JobGetter

JobGetter | NCA Jobs page

The latest education provider to partner with JobGetter, National College Australia launched their new jobs offering for their students and alumni in September. 

National College Australia is one of Australia’s most respected Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), with a range of online education courses for people looking to work in community services. Through JobGetter’s job technology, National College Australia is able to offer job opportunities relevant to their courses and industries in focus to their students and alumni; thus, strengthening their position as the pathway to a job and a career in Aged Care and Community Services. This also provides a basis for JobGetter to help National College Australia measure their employment outcomes and keep a finger on the pulse of job demand in their fields of study.


Addressing the Growing Pains in Aged Care


The Aged Care workforce is a large and important part of the Australian job landscape. It currently includes more than 366,000 workers – almost 3% of the total Australian workforce – and it is also a growth industry. Thanks to Australia’s ageing population and improvements to healthcare and medical practices, the Productivity Commission predicts that by 2050 the Aged Care industry will need to employ more than 1 million workers in order to match demand.

Growing consumer expectations and a greater awareness of cruel and dehumanising conditions means that there is a heightened need for a dedicated well-trained workforce. Although the current workforce is highly diverse, the current education system does not effectively ensure that graduates are prepared for a career in the Aged Care system. More needs to be done to guarantee that workers have the skill, knowledge and ability to support adequate care.

JobGetter’s latest Industry Workforce Report delves into the challenges this growing and evolving sector faces with practical advice for developing a sustainable people strategy that Aged Care businesses can use to navigate these changes.

Download a free copy of The Aged Care Workforce Report here.


Always on the move, here’s a few of the upcoming features we’ll be releasing soon: 

  • Search applicants to make it easier to re-connect with previous candidates

  • Candidate tagging to better categorize your applicants throughout the stages of selection

  • Resume parsing to make it easier for job seekers to sync their resumes/CVs with their JobGetter profiles for better matching, skill gap analysis and personalized experience

  • Interview scheduling with calendar sync

  • More!


Miss the last update? Check it out here… 


Do you have an idea for how we can improve the JobGetter technology? We LOVE getting your insights so please don’t hesitate to share your feedback and suggestions with us — we’ve been known to turn your ideas into reality within days!

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