JobGetter Springs into Action with the Jobs Agenda 2017

The Jobs Agenda 2017 got off to a great start in Sydney as JobGetter and EY were joined by Karen Borg, the CEO of Jobs for NSW, to lead an interactive discussion about the skills gap — what is it and how can we close it?

What is the Skills Gap?

The skills gap is the difference between what skills employers expect their employees to have and the skills job seekers actually have. What is alarming is that the skills gap is even affecting people who have only just finished their education or training. People who should be at the cutting edge of what the industry wants. As a result, employers are growing frustrated with applicants who don’t possess the crucial skills needed to succeed. Meanwhile, their lack of perceived key skills is leaving job seekers confused. The skills gap represents this disconnect between the employer and job seeker.

Skills are becoming ever more important as technology and automation changes traditional jobs and creates new ones. At our current rate of change, the widening skills gap is only growing bigger leaving both job seekers and employers frustrated. The key to securing a strong future for Australia’s economy lies in closing the skills gap. 

The Jobs Agenda Targets

By using data-driven research we have identified target areas that could help us to close the skill gap such as:

  • What skills are in high demand today and identifying which ones the future will require
  • How job clusters can improve the transferability of skills and workers
  • Why the education sector must work with employers to develop the necessary skills for the future

With these target areas in mind, we want to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers and show people how to identify, practice and learn, and eventually showcase the skills necessary for the future. 

We strongly believe that the best approach to fixing the skills gap is one that is action-oriented and collaborative. It involves speaking to industry leaders, educators, employers, and job seekers. We want to see what’s great, what isn’t working and what we can do to change it.

The Jobs Agenda launch in Sydney represents the first step in JobGetter’s plan to close the skills gap. 

Be a Part of the Jobs Agenda

Let us know if you would like to kept up to date about our work on the skills gap and the Jobs Agenda. If you want to be a part of the conversation you can register your interest in participating in our next event.

Jobs Agenda Event Schedule:

We have just finished our whirlwind Jobs Agenda tour for this year. Stay tuned for more information about our findings events and how you can access our Jobs Agenda 2017 Report.

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