JobGetter’s Mammoth Year: 2017 Review

2017 was an absolutely huge year for JobGetter. 

Here are a few numbers to put it into perspective… we….

  • Delivered 871,268 job matches
  • Sent over 600,000 job application feedback emails
  • Have over 200,000 job seekers actively looking for job opportunities

We achieved all of this while celebrating new partnerships, products, people and promotions.  Needless to say, we’re immensely proud of what our team has achieved over the past 12 months so, just in case you missed it, we’ve included a handful of the highlights for you below: 

JobGetter specialises in creating hyper-local job sites to connect local people with local jobs. In conjunction with Westfield Bondi Junction, JobGetter launched “Jobs in Bondi Junction” in 2017 to better connect the local community. Watch the video above to find out what the people of Bondi think about it… (and stay tuned for new shopping centres to be announced soon!)


JobGetter partnered up with UCLA in 2017

If there’s one thing that can help you get a job it’s experience. Employers are looking for it and students want to get it. What better way to help practice what we preach then by partnering with the University of Technology Sydney and the University of California, Los Angeles. These integrated learning platforms gave students a hands-on look at JobGetter’s mobile app, data insights, and our global growth plans. Businesses can learn a lot from these students and can be a great way to establish their community presence. Not to mention the benefits they can reap in the long run from helping to shape the workforce of the future. 



JobGetter team keeps growing so we’ve moved our Sydney HQ to 35 Lime St. while also opening offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; Baguio City, Philippines; and, Islamabad, Pakistan.


JobGetter co-founder Fiona Anson during 2017's Jobs Agenda

The Job Agenda returned for a second time in 2017. This time we partnered with EY to visit six cities around Australia focusing particularly on the Skills Gap. Asking, ‘what is it and how can we close it?’ Although soft skills have often been sidelined compared to hard skills, they are fast becoming the currency of the successful job seeker. Closing the skills gap is a key part of our plan to help get more people into jobs they love. Interested in getting involved in 2018? Register your interest…


JobGetter co-founder Alli Baker at the 2017 AIIA Jobs for the Future Summit

JobGetter CEO, Alli Baker, moderated a panel at the Jobs For The Future Summit hosted by The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) in November. Hosted by the Australian Information Industry Association, the panel asked industry leaders about the biggest challenges facing employment in the future. The topic of conversation focused on how AI and machine learning would not only negatively impact employment but how it could create new jobs. Without a doubt these are huge issues and we are working hard to help the workforce prepare for them.  Get the low down on what’s happening and what it means for you as an Employer…


JobGetter released its annual Job Seeker Report again in 2017 focusing on education and employment

JobGetter released our annual national job seeker survey delving into how education contributes to employability and the general sentiment of the job seeking population in regard to the value of education as it relates to jobs and careers — if the media pick up by outlets like those above are any indicator, we really struck a nerve!


Deloitte's Access Economics report would have been impossible without the data JobGetter had access to

Before our name change in the latter half of the year, JobGetter (then Workible) provided data Deloitte said they hadn’t been able to get anywhere else for their Access Economics report. Our data showed demand for self-management, digital skills, problem solving and critical thinking skills (measured by skill requirements listed by employers in job listings) significantly exceeds supply (measured by skills listed by employees in résumés).


In September, we kicked off our Spring/Summer marketing campaign to drive job seekers to your job ads and increase awareness of the new JobGetter brand. The result? A 62% increase in application rates! Keep your ears open and your eyes peeled for more JobGetter messages in 2018.


Chatime stands for fun, quality and innovation — so imagine how excited we were to work with this dynamic Employer! At JobGetter, we pride ourselves in knowing what our job seekers want so we were honoured to help Chatime create an Employer Branding video with mass appeal. If you’re looking to build your own talent pool or create content job seekers actually want to engage with — talk to us!


Example of real time employment data dashboard that JobGetter has created and developed

At the end of 2017, we launched our beta Workforce Data and Analytics dashboard providing Employers, Government and Education with real-time access to job demand and skill supply information around the country. Watch this space!


Thank You!

As you can see — mammoth!  One month into 2018 and this year is shaping up to put 2017 to shame (already!) So, we just want to take a moment to celebrate our wins and say thanks to all of you for giving us a purpose. 

We exist to respect, support and help every job seeker wanting to get into the workforce, get the job they love or get moving in a new direction.  With our innovative platform, we give personalised guidance that empowers job seekers with the knowledge and tools to engineer their careers and get closer to the jobs they want.  We partner with employers, the broader job market as well as educators and industry across Australia to increase employability and reduce underemployment.  We turn job seekers into JobGetters.

Even with all of our hard work above, our job is far from done and we have lots up our sleeves for the year ahead so we look forward to continuing to work with you!

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