Beyond Skills and Experience: New Considerations Make It Easy to Target Your Ideal Applicant by Demographic

Historically, there’s been a lot of guesswork in searching for jobs — and murkiness trying to target your ideal applicant. 

On one side of the recruitment equation, a job seeker may be looking at your job ad wondering, “Is this suitable for me at this stage in my life or my background?” While on the other side, an employer really wants to say, “I would love a working parent,” “I’m happy to give someone their first job,” or “Veterans welcome!” But how do you include this? Should you include this? Often, this hesitancy results in no action. Leaving a lot of unknowns on both sides. 

At JobGetter, we make it our job to critically analyze the employment ecosystem with a special focus on the job search and recruitment processes.

We look for inefficiencies and challenges. We ask, “What if?” and “Why not?” And, we innovate. We problem solve. It’s this boundless enthusiasm for challenging the status quo and coming up with creative solutions that has seen JobGetter recognized internationally as one of the world’s leading innovators in HR technology. 

We’ve tackled this problem of disconnection by creating a new category of job networks to include in your considerations. 

JobGetter’s Job Networks are communities or talent pools of job seekers. All job seekers are encouraged to build their own network through JobGetter that tells us what kind of jobs the algorithm should identify as a good match for their unique preferences. 

This has always included Job Category Clusters or Industry Job Networks, Company Job Networks, Location or Destination-based Job Networks such as regional communities or shopping malls, Job Type Job Networks such as internships and a handful of Demographic-based Job Networks for groups like Working Parents, Mature Workers and First Jobs. 

Last month, JobGetter introduced a new step in the job advertising process for “Considerations” which launched our first step in bringing disability inclusion into mainstream recruitment by asking all employers and recruiters, “Is this role and workplace suitable for someone with a disability?” 

If you select, “yes” you can then choose the relevant accessibility options your workplace provides as shown in the example below: 



This information is then included in the job ad so job seekers who are searching for employers who can accomodate them can clearly identify the jobs that are best suited for their needs. 

JobGetter-Example-View Job

This month, we’ve expanded the available “Considerations” employers and recruiters can choose from to include our Demographic-based Job Networks for groups like Working Parents, Mature Workers and First Jobs as well as the newly launched Job Networks for International Students and Veterans. Examples below…

JobGetter-Demographic-Job Networks

When a job network is selected, these jobs are automatically fed to the relevant Job Network pages as well as JobGetter’s partner and niche-based sites. This allows JobGetter to get job ads in front of the right job seekers and eliminate the guesswork. 

Your turn… 

Is there a group that you’d like us to include?  We’d love to hear from you so please get in touch…

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