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You can’t make decisions in a vacuum. If you need jobs data for business planning, curriculum planning or helping with employment outcomes, we can help.

What are the job trends in Australia right now? What are the jobs in demand in your area?  What skills are most in demand?  What qualifications give the best employment outcomes?  What are the trends around various industries?

We know – and so can you.  As Australia’s leading provider of workforce data and analytics, JobGetter measures job and skill demand across 58 industry sectors, 9,185 individual job roles and in every postcode and Local Government Area in Australia.  And it’s all in real time!

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Each report contains:

  • Job Demand across all of Australia by industry
  • A comparison of your industry/s of choice against others
  • The most in-demand roles, by area, by industry
  • The roles in demand by industry and where the demand is
  • The growth or decline trends and predictions for the future in your selected industry/s
  • And more…