Jobs Trends, Skills in Demand and Workforce Analytics - on tap.

JobGetter Analytics is Australia's leading source of workforce, jobs and skills demand and supply data.


Get access to data on where the jobs are and, more specifically, what they are including trends around growth or decline.


Pair jobs data with curriculum design to ensure better employment outcomes for students.  Find out not only the skills in demand but also the trends around qualifications and jobs. 


Search job trends by industry and category  Our analytics platform can drill down to demand in over 58 industries and for over 9000 individual roles – and tell you where the jobs are and the skills that employers really want. 


Need to know where the jobs are?  Want to know what skills are really in demand?  Use JobGetter Analytics to help your company or clients find the right people with the right skills. 


Use data to find out more about your community and it’s needs around jobs.  With data analysed down to a single postcode or local Government areas, we can help you improve employment outcomes for your community.

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