JobGetter's Job Seeker Surveys will give you inside information on how to reach today's job seekers and what they really want.

Find out what job seekers really think about finding a job in today's job market.

Jobs are the backbone of the economy.  They provide a barometer for the health of a country.

Much more than just economic benefits, a job is not only gives people a paycheque, a job also gives a purpose and a feeling of contribution and importance.

Jobs not only add to our feelings of self-worth, but many life long friendships are formed through the people we meet at work.  They’re so important in so many ways.

And, for a community, the more people that are in work, the healthier that community is in every way.

The world of work is, however, changing.

Automation of tasks, the move away from typical nine-to-five jobs to flexible working hours and artificial intelligence and robotics taking away work that typically humans have done, all mean that we’re facing some major challenges.

JobGetter’s Job Seeker Surveys provide a look into the job seeking market and are the only national reports that looks at issues around work, and getting it, from a job seeker’s perspective. 

Produced annually, the objective is ascertain what gets people into work – and what’s keeping them out of it.

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