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Let us show you how we can help you achieve outstanding employment outcomes for students while strengthening your position as a great pathway to a job and a career.

How many your students use your current careers platform? Many College careers platforms are under-utilized by students.  They are too complicated, too limiting – in fact, just too “clunky”. At the end of the day, your students just need an easy way to find jobs – both while they’re studying and when they’re finished – and JobGetter’s Career Site solutions couldn’t be easier. Our Student Career Sites are build especially for Universities, Colleges and TAFEs and can be as simple, or as complex, as you like. From a simple job feed to a fully integrated Careers solutions, our pick and choose options allow you to get the solution you really need to deliver the outcomes you really want for your Students and Alumni. 

The benefits include:

Simple to implement.  The work is all done at our end.  We’ll set up your Institute-specific landing pages (customized to your specific requirements) and we seamlessly power the rest for you.

Customisable.  Our design and development team work with you to design the solution you need that best suits your Students and Alumni.  Want a feed of jobs for each faculty?  Easy!  Provide lists of jobs to individual lecturers and teachers for their students?  Done.  Need a specific look and feel of your site?  All do-able – and able to be altered at any time.  Just tell us what you need.

Easy for Employers.  You no longer need to run interference for your employers.  Now they can easily post their own jobs from your career site – saving you time and hassle.

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