From Education to Employment.

How do we improve the employability outcomes for students from all education sectors?

Without question, Australia has one of the best education systems globally but, in a changing world, we need to ensure that the employability of students is paramount. But the world of work is changing. Jobs exist now that didn’t several years ago. Technology and automation are taking some jobs and creating others. New technologies are arising that require new skills. Underemployment and youth unemployment are on the rise. In 2015, 1,046,000 Australians were enrolled in Australian Universities – and another 363,000 international students attended our Universities as well. Another 4.5 million students were enrolled in vocational training in the same period meaning that the total number of students enrolled in some sort of post-high school education was just over 5.9M – a number equivalent to half of the Australian workforce. If half of our workforce have some level of tertiary education, surely with these skills and knowledge, people should have no trouble stepping out of education and straight into a job. Right? Unfortunately, not. At JobGetter, we have a mission – to get people into work.  As part of that, we continually monitor the job market, looking at the jobs and skills in demand across 56 industry sectors, so that we can best prepare job seekers to find the work they want. We provide that information to and work with the Education sector to constantly look at how we can help improve employability outcomes for students. We invite you to be part of the conversation about getting people from Education to Employment.

Download the 2018 Education to Employment White Paper

From Education to Employment White Paper