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Data driven recruitment starts with getting the information you need to make strategic sourcing decisions

“Am I the only one not getting applicants? Or, is there a wider issue across my industry?”

This is a common question we get asked by employers.  Data driven recruitment starts with knowing what you’re up against when sourcing especially if you’re finding it hard to find who you need. 

Anyone struggling to find a Retail Manager, right now?

Yeah, you’re not alone.

JobGetter recently provided data on the demand for recruitment professionals to an Industry body lobbying to keep recruiters on the Skilled Workers list — which they did thanks to evidence for the job demand data JobGetter provided. Data has to be in your recruitment arsenal today because you have to know what you’re up against. Say, your company plans to launch 10 stores this year in new locations, JobGetter can tell you what the skill supply for retail is now — down to a single postcode.

Knowledge is power. With this insight you can better plan and strategize rather than struggle to find who you need. The fact is, there are and will be shortages of talent for some in-demand roles. But using real-time workforce data and analytics in conjunction with cutting-edge technology is what you need to plan effectively, stay ahead of the competition and source those hard-to-fill roles. JobGetter measures job demand daily — across 58 Industry sectors9,185 roles and in every area in Australia.

Now this information is available to you, tailored to your specific needs. Simply order your custom report below… or click here to book a time to speak with one of our data experts. 

JobGetter reports contain:

  • Job Demand across all of Australia by industry
  • A comparison of your industry/s of choice against others
  • The most in-demand roles, by area, by industry
  • The roles in demand by industry and where the demand is
  • The growth or decline trends and predictions for the future in your selected industry/s
  • And more…

2017 Australian Job Seeker Report

data driven recruitment job seeker report

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