Having a Bad Day? These 7 Funny Videos Will Put a Smile on Your Face, Guaranteed!

Having a bad day, week or month? We’ve all had one of them. You feel like nothing is going your way and you just want to scream. Maybe your job search has hit a brick wall. Or you are still waiting to hear back on the interview outcome of the job you really, really want. Or maybe your morning commute to work got cancelled and you missed an important meeting. Or your to-do list is spiralling out of control. There are endless reasons for feeling stressed and not in control. 

At JobGetter if we are having “one of those days” what do we do? Watch a silly video. Because there is nothing that a funny video can’t fix even if just for a few minutes. Let us put a smile on your face with this compilation of our favourite funny videos. Seriously, try getting through just a few of these without your mood doing a full 180—we dare you!


1. When you lied on your resume


2. There is nothing that teamwork can’t solve

3. Interviews! How it all began

5. The stages of your work day

6. Better than the original Taylor Swift version

7. Animals being clever 

Feeling better I’m sure and ready to take on the world!

Your turn…

What videos make everything better when things aren’t going great for you? Do share the links in the comments below.


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