Your Career Astrology with Madame Zolar | September 2018

Has life been unusually frustrating for you in July and August? No progress on your project to get a job — maybe you feel like you’re going backwards?
Let’s apply a different point of view to get a handle on what’s been happening rather than the old way of either blaming yourself or blaming others for things feeling stuck. Career Astrology.
All of July and August, there has been a rare event happening in the eye of the sky that hasn’t occurred since 1971. Mars – the planet representing energy, drive, lust, war, results – has been moving backwards in the sign of Aquarius. 

Your Career and the Stars

Um, OK. What does that have to do with my career in the world? For a start, Mars is about drive and getting what you want BUT when it’s moving backwards in the heavens, it slows down all that energy and makes you look at yourself rather than bursting outward on the scene.
So, what’s been happening in your life? If you haven’t landed your gig yet, what have you learned in the process of trying? Or, if you did get paid work, how’s it going learning the ropes? If you take a look, you might be surprised at how much you’ve grown and changed over this period. That’s the magic of Mars – it’s the planet of clarity and ambition – and it’s been focused on you getting your act together these past two months rather than big changes out in the world. 
Let’s now focus on the sign Aquarius where Mars has been moving backwards. The last time this occurred was in 1971. Were you even born? If you weren’t, here’s a clue about back then – there were no smartphones, computers or Internet. But there was the first generation of technology with TV, radio and telephones. And what does Aquarius represent – TECHNOLOGY. So, here we are 47 years later and completely cocooned by our devices. They are an extension of our senses and bring the entire world into our palm.
Mars in Aquarius is about INVENTION. Mars going backwards in Aquarius is about DISCOVERY. So a very strong vibe to look at is how you go about getting what you want and how you work your tech ecosystem to help you get what you are after. Make the most of any insights you’ve had in this period – they are gold.
On August 27th, Mars stationed direct motion again. This essentially presses the ‘go’ button and green lights ALL your projects. 
You’ve done the work of looking at what you want and upgraded your strategy – now is the time to play flat out!
Go get ’em!
Madame Zolar

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