Tips for Grads: Graduate Advice from Honeywell with Morgan Thorndyke

You’ve picked up your degree and thrown your mortar board. Now what? Should you volunteer to get some experience? Is an internship the best way to get your foot in the door? Now that you’re a graduate you will have to think about where you will take your career path and develop your skills. Ask yourself, “How am I going to make my mark on the world?

To help you answer that question, JobGetter has approached some of the best Graduate Employers in Australia. These Tips for Grads can help you nail your resume, impress in an interview, and find out exactly what these recruiters are looking for. This week, Morgan Thorndyke, Early Careers Program Coordinator at Honeywell offers her knowledge and advice to graduate job seekers.

At such a competitive point in your career, getting an inside advantage – someone who knows how the system works – could be all you need to get ahead. 

That is the whole idea behind Tips for Grads. To give graduates like you a chance to see what some of the best graduate employers in Australia are doing and how you can impress them.

Read on to get Morgan’s tips and insights…


Honeywell is a multi-national software and engineering company that invents and manufactures new technologies and products to provide innovative solutions. The company is spread across several diverse industries and has four main business units: Aerospace; Home and Building Solutions; Safety and Productivity Solutions; and Performance Materials and Technologies. Together they make a variety of products ranging from barcode scanners, to thermostats, boots for fisherman, and even body armour.

Members of the graduate programme at Honeywell therefore are expected to be able to work in a dynamic and multidimensional environment.

The graduate program emphasises challenges and learning opportunities within a supportive development system. The program’s two-year duration helps to hone important business and leadership skills and further the technical skills of recent graduates. Honeywell recently won the 2018 Australian HR Award for Best Graduate Development Program.

This position suits those who are interested in working in a dynamic environment that is ripe for advancement and growth and are ready for a challenge. If you fit that description then a graduate position with Honeywell might be perfect for you.

Morgan’s Tips for Grads

What was your first job?


How long have you worked in HR?

2 years

What do you look for in graduates?

Someone who has a good attitude, is hard working and driven.

What advice would you give to graduates looking to stand out?

Where possible, try to undertake projects or extracurricular activities that relate to your ideal profession, and highlight this experience in your resume.

What’s something people might not know about working at Honeywell?

It’s very fast paced and you will never stop learning.

What thing makes a graduate’s application stand out to you?

The effort they have put into it.

What’s the number one mistake to avoid when applying for a graduate position?

Naming the wrong company in your cover letter!

What do you look for during the interview?

Motivation, team work abilities and cultural fit.

What questions should graduates never ask?

Graduates should be as inquisitive as possible, but avoid questions that are highly personal to the interviewer, such as, ‘How old are you?’.

What do you wish more candidates would do or say?

I wish more candidates would provide more information around the relevant projects and work experiences they have done – it is a great indicator of their skills.

What should graduates know about Honeywell before applying?

Graduates should know we have separate business units that work on different products in different industries, and should do their best to understand where the work they want to do fits into our structure – this will help them apply for the role that best suits them.

What advice would you give to someone who was unsuccessful in applying?

Always ask for feedback, and don’t give up!

Final thought: Widen Your Horizons

The time between getting your degree and getting your dream graduate job can sometimes feel like you’ll be waiting forever.

While you’re waiting find out what skills or experience you can develop that will help you in your career. Learning new techniques and technologies can help you keep ahead of industry changes and will make you a valuable employee in the long run. The future of work will be filled with change and a curious and studious employee will be able to stay ahead of automation threats.

This curiosity can also help when applying for jobs and graduate positions. Find out as much as you can about the company, the role, and your position in it. Research into career paths and have a solid answer to the question, “Where will you be in five years?”

As Morgan says, “Be as inquisitive as possible.”

Want to join Honeywell?

If you want to learn more about what makes Honeywell such an amazing graduate employer or if you are ready to take Morgan’s Tips and put them to practice – make sure to check out the Honeywell Graduate page.

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