25 Ways to Make People Love You At Work

Trying to make people love you isn’t about winning a workplace popularity contest. It’s about having co-workers who know that you are someone they can come to for help. Not only that but you make them feel comfortable around you – whether it’s asking for advice or just stopping for a chat. As an added benefit, what makes you a great co-worker will often make you a great employee and will definitely make management notice. If you want to make yourself a better worker for the people around you and get a boost towards your career goals try some of these tips.

1. Ask “Can I Help?”

If you see that somebody is struggling with the printer or that the stack of papers they’re carrying is about to fall – help them out! While it can be tempting to let them work it out on their own (after all, you probably had to) it will be much more beneficial for you in the long-run to lend them a hand.

Not only will it mean that the printer will work properly next time you use it and the floor will be clear, it will make someone’s day easier. They might even be able to help you out with something later. If the person is new, then you might be first person to really interact with them. Helping a co-worker is a good way to improve the morale in the office and make the workplace run smoother. 

2. Ask “Can You Help Me?”

The flip side of the coin is asking for help when you need it. Not only will it save you time but you might find a unique way to solve your problem.

Reaching out to someone and asking for help lets them know that you value their knowledge and experience and want their input. Some people might have great ideas but feel too shy or simply haven’t thought about sharing them with others. Don’t ask for too much help though – people don’t want to feel like they’re carrying you.

3. Help People Connect

If you really want to make people love you, you might need to introduce them to others. It’s unlikely that you will be able to solve every problem that someone brings you. However, you might know somebody else who might. Your contact could work in different section to your co-worker or even at another company. If they are the best person to solve the problem though – it’s worth putting them both in touch. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using your network to help connect people.

4. Avoid Cliques

Everyone wants to get along at work but sometimes a harmless group of friends can mutate into a nasty clique. These are tight-knit groups of people that exclusively socialise together at and outside of work. Cliques threaten to disrupt the effectiveness of the team. Although it can be tempting to join a clique to avoid being left out, resist that feeling. Not only are cliques symptomatic of poor management, they are also a breeding-ground for workplace bullies.

A negative aspect of cliques is that you are more likely to be thought of as just a member of the group rather than an individual. This means that people will judge you as a whole rather than on your own merit. This can be off-putting for your colleagues and bad news for you when management needs to make tough decisions. By avoiding cliques you can be more open and approachable to the people that you work with.

5. Don’t Put Yourself on an Island

Some people prefer working quietly by themselves than working in a loud group. If this is you, try not to let your introverted nature get in the way of making workplace connections.

One way to do this is to reach out and find a shared interest with your co-workers. You probably have at least one thing in common – even if it’s something as simple as a shared guilty-pleasure reality TV show. Finding this common interest can help you initiate conversations with people you otherwise might not. Reaching out to others will come in handy if you ever need a favour to ask your colleagues or have questions that you need answered.

6. Respect Everyone

When a courier comes in with a package, how do you treat them? Do you greet them with a smile and friendly hello or do you barely a look at them and wait for someone else to deal with it? What would you do to a customer? How about your boss? How you treat people – at all levels of the workplace – says a lot about you.

Make time for everyone and ensure that you treat everyone with respect. After all, you never know who knows who. Rudely rejecting the girl selling cookies could mean you actually just snubbed the CEO’s niece. Your co-workers will quickly work out if you are actually friendly or just nice to your superiors pretty quickly too. If you want to make people love you, you’ll have to start with respecting everyone.

7. Be the One that Makes Newcomers Welcome

Starting a new job is tough! In addition to working out how your company does certain things, a new hire also has to work out the way the employees work and what is – and isn’t – done in your workplace.

Take some pressure off new employees by being friendly to them. Without being overbearing, introduce yourself and ask them some questions. While you don’t need to be their ‘buddy’, offering a friendly face and few words of advice can go a long way in making their first few weeks enjoyable.

8. Give Your Word, Keep It

If you want to make people love you it’s essential that people trust what you say. When you say that you will put something away, clean up, or will get back to them by the end of the day – it’s really important that you follow through. Constantly not following through on your promises will get you a reputation as someone who can’t be relied upon.

9. Be a Great Listener

When people think of communication as a skill they immediately think of things like public speaking, talking clearly and being confident. However, one of most important communication skills (and one of the most neglected) is actually the easiest. Listening. Real listening. Taking in someone’s concerns, their points, their ideas, their tone. Instead of waiting for your turn to speak like some sort of verbal tennis match, take in everything they’re saying and concentrate.

People like to feel validated. If they know that when they speak to you they can reach a good ear and have someone listen to their concerns and ideas, they are much more likely to enjoy speaking to you. The conversations doesn’t have to be totally serious either – listening about their weekend with real enthusiasm will go a long way too.

10. Remember the Little Details

This goes hand in hand with listening. If someone tells you something that is important to them (or even something small) it can really impress them when you remember it later. Their partner’s name, what type of cat they have, their favourite sport team, where they’re going for their holiday… All of these things are important to someone and when you remember it and bring it up to them they’ll feel valued. If you want to make people love you then you need to show them that you care.

11. Respect Others Time

There is nothing worse than when you are concentrating on a task than for someone to distract you and waste your time. Whether it is asking a question that would have been easier for them to google or stretching a quick query into a 10-minute discussion, the fact is time wasters suck the productivity out of you. Make sure that you give others the same respect for their time that you would expect.

Keep your questions brief and have an idea of what you want to achieve before you approach them. Similarly, don’t organise meetings or catch-ups if you can solve your problems yourself or the information could be more easily shared via email.

12. Don’t Be Late

Not being late goes hand-in-hand with respecting others’ time. Not only does this selfish move make everyone run to your schedule, it also makes you look unprofessional. At the very least, let people know you are running behind and give them a good estimate of when you will be there. Pro-Tip: When you tell the person how late you will be slightly overestimate the time it will take you to get there so that you will appear to arrive “early”.

13. Dress to Impress

While nobody is saying work is a fashion show, you should take some pride in what you wear. That means not wearing ripped or stained clothes, wearing clothes that suit you, and taking a shower after going to the gym at lunch or riding your bike in to work.

Other fashion faux-pas include not wearing shoes at work. Whilst you might feel that it’s so much more comfortable, other people might not be so thrilled at the idea of your sweaty socks slipping down the corridor. At the very least, put your shoes on when you leave your desk.

14. Be Positive

There is something to be said about having a cheery disposition at work. Sometimes there are days when you really can’t motivate yourself to work. This can be made a lot worse if you look around and see that nobody else is having fun either. Being happy can go a long way in making your workplace a better environment. It can also help your mental health and make you feel better about going to work.

15. But Don’t Be a Smiling Maniac

Bare in mind however that being overly positive while others around you are having a hard time or facing deadlines might not make you too popular. Also, making yourself smile isn’t going to fix a toxic workplace. If you find yourself having to work harder and harder to appear happy at work – maybe it’s time to quit and look for a better place.

16. Check in with People

Is someone struggling to get their work done on time? Are they having a tough time at home? Taking the time to ask someone how they’re going – how they’re really going – can be the difference in making someone’s day manageable.

Have lunch or grab a coffee with them and just chat to them. R U Okay? is a great movement but don’t think it only works one day of the year. If you think someone needs a friend or a hand, reach out!

17. Grab a Coffee

A really great way to check in with somebody is to get a coffee with them. This can be an opportunity to check in on their mental health, give or get some advice about a tricky task, or even get some quality mentoring. Just because their your boss doesn’t mean they can’t have a break with you and it will let you get some good one on one time with them.

18. Do a Tea Run

If you can’t leave the office for a coffee break, why not offer to make everyone tea? Not only does this give you a quick break from working which can help improve productivity it also gives you an opportunity to talk to the people around you. Pro-Tip: Never underestimate the goodwill you generate when you can remember the way everyone likes their tea.

19. Gossiping or Venting

Be careful about complaining about a co-worker or your boss at work or over email. It can easily reach the ears of the very person you were talking about and blow up in your face. Keep things professional – if you have a problem with someone you can discuss it with them or talk to your boss. If you just need to get work related stress off your chest, tell your partner, outside friends or family. Don’t ruin a workplace relationship because you couldn’t wait until home to let off some steam.

Being likeable to make people love you goes above smiling occasionally and remembering someone’s birthday. You have to be empathetic, approachable, and inclusive to help everyone on your team feel more comfortable.

20. Have an Opinion

When someone asks for your thoughts, they probably don’t want to hear back from a Yes Man. They want to know what you think. Have you spotted a mistake? Is there a better way to do this? If you have an opinion, let them know. They’ll appreciate your honest feedback and will be doubly appreciative if you save them from an embarrassing (or costly) mistake.

21. Be Flexible

You can’t give without taking. If you present something or ask for someone’s advice you have to be willing to listen to them. Sometimes you can be too close to something and overlook a glaring error. Being stubborn and resisting change is not going to earn you any friends in the workplace.

Similarly, if you have an idea about a project and it’s not taken on-board by others that’s fine. Don’t hold on to it and get bitter and don’t let it stop you from suggesting ideas next time. Being flexible and working with other people is essential to being loved in the workplace.

22. Respect Your Co-Workers’ Work Boundaries

Most people like to leave work at work. Once the day is over they are happy to head home and not think about it at all until the next time they step through the doors. It’s important to always consider and respect your co-worker’s personal time. Demonstrating that you value their boundaries will really make people love you. If you check work emails at home or on the weekend you might expect others to do the same but that can be unfair. Think about whether you really need to get in contact with someone right now or if it can wait until you see each other the next day.

23. Be Appropriate

Finding where the line is in a business setting can often be a tricky act. Usually, somebody overstepping the line is the surest way to see where it is. While most jobs have guidelines about inappropriate behaviour at work, the line for jokes or stories can be a bit harder to discern. This unspoken line can be the difference between good-natured laughter and behind-your-back comments that you might not necessarily be as nice as you appear. If you aren’t sure about a certain joke or the tale of last night at the pub is appropriate, don’t say anything. You don’t need to pretend to be a saint but as a rule of thumb avoid swearing and stories involving sex, alcohol and drugs.

You don’t want to be the warning for the rest of your co-workers about what is and isn’t appropriate at work. And you really don’t want to get a reputation as someone who will tell or do inappropriate things at work either.

24. Watch What Your Body is Saying

People won’t know that you are engaged with and really enjoying a conversation if you have closed your body off physically. Things like crossing your arms, not making eye contact, or even Resting Bitch Face, can make you look grumpy and unapproachable. This can really put people off. If you know that you can sometimes fall for those traps you need to make a conscious effort to avoid them. If you don’t, you might find people avoiding talking to you. Pro-Tip: These body language tips apply for when you go to interviews too. Maybe even more so.

25. Become Fluent at Body Language

Fluency goes both ways. It’s not enough to simply know what you’re saying with your body action. You also have to become a master at reading other people’s bodies. If someone is sitting at their desk with headphones on they might not want to hear all about your weekend. Give them some space and come back later. Similarly, if someone is standing by the door looking around they probably aren’t just admiring the decor. Offer to help them find something or someone.

Make People Love You By Being Someone You’d Love!

By following these tips you will quickly establish yourself as the go-to person in your workplace. The one that can offer a friendly smile, some words of advice, and the one who can put you in-touch with everyone. The golden rule is that you should always aim to be someone that you yourself would love to work with.  Not only will your co-workers notice (and like) this attitude, your superiors will notice too. This can really come in handy when it comes time for a promotion or raise.

Think about your career goals. Maybe you want to move up the ladder in your company or develop your skills and become well respected in your industry. Is it simply to get money? All of the above? Whatever your plan for the future is, you can make it easier and better for yourself in the long-run by being friendly and helpful to the people around you. So give it a try and make people love you at work!

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