Get up and Move on (How to Deal with Job Rejection)

The best thing we can do with rejection is to make it a learning experience – rejection is a great teacher – Adena Friedman

Job hunting is an arduous task and for a job seeker, rejection is tough – it can shatter your confidence. But wallowing in misery can hold you back from other opportunities. It’s important to put perspective on it. And sometimes, for some jobs, it’s just not you.

It’s tough, we know, but here’s how to pull yourself together and get back into the action!

There are other factors in the equation, nothing personal

Chances are, you’ve been pitted against many. What are your odds against numerous other applicants who, just like you, worked very hard on researching their resume and what to do in an interview. People get turned down everyday.  It’s par for the course.  Accept that this job is just not for you, and that there are other opportunities.

Stop asking where you went wrong. Focus instead on what you did right and enhance it

Stop blaming yourself, it’s more than likely not what you did or didn’t do!  It’s probably more about another candidate’s suitability. Consider your strengths and learn how to use them to your advantage. Go through all the things you did well, when the interviewer smiled or seemed engaged with you, and use these as learning experiences for what to do next time. You might have even learned something from the interviewer that you can use in the next interview – a phrase, a talking point, or even an nice way to present yourself! 

Work on improving yourself

It’s a bit awkward, but politely asking for a feedback provides you information that could improve your chances for future opportunities. And, in the meantime, do something constructive like volunteer work. It takes your mind off of your disappointment, it looks good on your resume, and hey, you never know who you could meet!

Stay optimistic

Although often perceived as failure, rejection can be a learning experience. As they say, “When one door closes, another one opens.”  Fate might just have played its hand and saved you for the best.

What learning experiences have you had from rejection?  How did you handle it?  We want to hear from you so we can learn a thing or too as well to share with other job seekers! 



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