What to do if You Make a Mistake on Your Application

When you apply for a job your main goal should be to make an awesome first impression. Of course, your other goal is to get the job, but that step becomes much easier after you impress the person in charge of hiring you. But what happens when you make a mistake on your application? How do you fix a bad first impression?

You want to show an employer that you are a professional who will get the job done. Spelling the company name wrong isn’t going to give anybody that impression. If you follow the right steps, it’s possible to get away with making a mistake on your application and still get the job. Although obviously it’s not ideal to make mistakes when applying, if you can handle the situation perfectly, it might make you even more desirable! 

Should I resend my resume? Application Mistake Walkthrough

Making a mistake on your application is annoying and can put you back a bit. The fact is, your application is often your first contact with an employer. Luckily, finding out you’re resume isn’t perfect doesn’t have to spell the end of your chances of working with that company. If you’ve just realised that you made a mistake on your application follow these steps to get back on track.

1. Relax

Okay, so you’ve noticed a mistake in the application you just sent off. Well, there’s nothing you can do about the resume and cover letter that’s just been sent. If you start to panic or worry about your mistake you won’t be able to focus properly. Time to take a deep breath and think about how you can are you going to deal with this.

2. How Big a Mistake is it?

Small, medium and massive mistakes should all be treated differently. It’s a delicate balance between getting off on the right foot and avoiding drawing a lot of attention to something you don’t want people to notice.

Work out what type of mistake it is and whether you need to address it immediately or whether it might be better to just wait and see.

If it is a small mistake and you don’t think it’s worth resending, make sure you save the updated version so you don’t make the mistake again in the future.

3. Get the Best Contact Details

Once you decide that you do actually need to send a new copy of your application then you need to find the right person to talk to.

If you have already addressed your application to someone (which you should always always try and do) then they are probably your best way to get in front of someone. However, if you have looked high and low and found no contact details then you’ll need to think outside the box.

Check the company’s website or social pages to see if there is any contact email. There should be some way for you to reach somebody – anybody – at the company so you can send through your updated application. If worst comes to worst, call the general office number and ask to be put through to HR. 

4. Double Check Your Application

Since you’ve gone to all this trouble to resend your application you should definitely check to make sure everything else looks the way you want it to. While an employer may be open to receiving your updated application once, they won’t appreciate getting another email saying you’ve noticed another mistake.

You can make sure your resume is job ready in as little as five minutes. It’s that easy. When you’re checking your application make sure you’ve followed all of the instructions in the original ad and tailored your resume to match. Even though you stumbled a little bit with the first attempt you want this application to make a great impression.  Get someone else to check it too.  It’s often really hard to check your own writing because you’ll nearly always read what you thought you wrote, rather than what’s on the paper or screen.  It’s why authors don’t edit their own books. 

5. Send Them Your New Version

Once you get in contact with someone, send a message that states that you noticed a mistake in your application and you are hoping to be able to send through a more recent copy.

If you are emailing the Hiring Manager directly, you can apologise and include your new resume and cover letter in that email.

If you are contacting a generic email address or someone not obviously connected to the hiring process, it can be better to ask for the opportunity to send through your new application. Whoever you’re speaking to will be able to point you in the right direction if they aren’t the best point of contact.

Making a Mistake On Your Application Isn’t the End of the World

Making a mistake on your application isn’t great but it’s also not that big of a deal. Sure, it makes making that great first impression a little harder. You could even land in front of a Hiring Manager who is a real stickler for grammar and spelling and will be written off right away.

However, you could get a Hiring Manager who goes straight to your skills first and realises that you’re a perfect fit. They might not even notice your lack of full stops. Each Hiring Manager is different and looks for different traits and qualities. Knowing what each one likes and dislikes can give you a better idea of what to expect.

It can be a huge hassle trying to fix a mistake on your application once you’ve sent it off. The very best way to make things easier for you in the future? Proofread your applications BEFORE pressing send!

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